Emotional Education: Part I CMR-Cellular Memory Release interview w/ Luis Diaz

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An interview with Luis Diaz on what the Cellular Memory is and how we can transform it. This is the Part I with Luis Angel Diaz, creator of the CMR process and author of the book “Memory in the cells, how to transform behavioral patterns”. The CMR process teaches Emotional education, and also how to transform negative habits or patterns in your life. This includes addictions, compulsions, negative emotions that keep coming back, or any behavioral pattern that is no longer serving you. By developing the ability to process out negative emotions, you can let go of what’s holding you back from your maximum potential and living the fullest, most abundant life possible. With this process you will learn how to develope the ability to: – heal yourself physically and emotionally, releasing past conditioning. – breakthrough these habits or patterns that hurt yourself and others. – discover positive and supportive parts of yourself that are being suffocated by negative emotional charge. – resolve conflicts in a way that nurtures you and others – regain the spontaneous and natural positive energies we see in our children. Discover how CMR can give you the tools to transform your life in these ways. Click here to take our free e-series which is rich with useful information for you to apply right now! FREE LESSONS AND EXERCISES ON: “Emotional Healing at the Cellular Level” Please, register here: www.cellularmemory.org

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  1. annie46664 says:

    I sensed such RESONANCE whilst listening to Luis. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing hivquestions – you’re a star!
    Love & LIGHT!
    South Africa

    matthewbooks . com for loads more related to what Luis teaches here.

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