Energy & Memory eliminate stress and recharge our energy

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Energy & Memory eliminate stress and recharge our energy

Article by Stefania Constantin

We fail to find things, we can hardly get out of bed in the morning and we are difficult to accomplish common tasks at work. We all have heavy periods, where it seems that we are drained of energy. Juggling between family, home, work, personal obligations and problems is difficult without having to interfere with the inability to concentrate.

Most often, we speak of a lifestyle that does not give us what we need. Lack of organization and bad habits upset the rhythm affecting the ability to concentrate. The main causes of inability to concentrate are:1. Excess of technology – computer, mobile phone, music player, TV, etc., all are competing for attention. Multitasking require extra attention and concentration that dry our energy. A study by University of California (San Francisco, USA) shows that dividing attention, can reduce learning, and may affect the immediate memory, can decrease performance and, over time, may limit the ability to focus on a single task.2. Lack of rest – sleep deficiencies are materialized in irritability, impaired alertness, memory problems, etc. If we are not resting enough, it’s hard to focus on daily activities. An adult should sleep on average 8 hours per night. 22.00 o’clock is ideal time for bed, but it is difficult for most adults to follow.3. Lack of professional satisfaction – we all have bad days where we find it hard to finish our tasks at work. Sometimes the causes are a boring project, an unpleasant task, working with people who do not like so. When every day is a bad job, it means that there are some professional problems. If we are not satisfied with what we do, it is difficult to do with pleasure or even easily.4. Too much stress – stress affects our health and the brain is the first victim. Hormones stress released can affect the brain and the way that chemicals work. Stress can affect concentration and memory.5. Too little exercise – studies have shown that practice and exercise routine helps improve memory and increases memory and learning ability. No need for hours in gym, we can have a longer walk, a bike or roller output. In addition, exercise will help us sleep better.

Energy & Memory improves cognitive functions and energy Because Energy & Memory product refresh us mentally and physically, it is recommended for people pursuing intellectual work that requires attention and concentration power, pupils and students during exams, those who hold positions of responsibility and thus exposed to stress, people who carry sustained physical labor, athletes and those performing systematic physical activities.

Energy & Memory from Calivita is a natural supplement that improves cognitive function and concentration. Contain plant extracts, vitamins and minerals for brain that, through their synergistic action, help us to maintain our energy and mental acuity.Guarana has been used for years to combat fatigue. Guarana stimulates the central nervous system and adrenal glands, which is why, after we eat, we feel mentally refreshed. Improve cardiovascular function and carbohydrate metabolism. Lecithin is needed for optimal functioning of the brain to learn and accumulated information. This natural fat is in the composition of cell membranes. Choline is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses (itself being a neurotransmitter). Play an important role in keeping information in memory. The absence of choline affects short-term memory, because we cannot store new information. Such deficiencies can meet in pupils, active adults, and most often in older people. Vitamin C prevents free radical formation by chain reaction. Vitamins A, C and E act synergistically, that together have a greater effect than each separately. Vitamin E eliminates free radicals in the cell membrane, thus preventing the development of degenerative processes in the body. In addition, if the body has optimal amounts of vitamin E, oxygen utilization is high and, from these considerations, this vitamin is vital in protecting the lungs.

Magnesium has an indispensable role in enzyme activity in the absorption of calcium and potassium. Magnesium prevents depression, dizziness, muscle spasms, heart disease and hypertension. Absence of magnesium leads to disruption of transmission of nerve impulses and muscle, causing hypersensitivity and nervousness. Zinc is essential for cell division, cell
regeneration and proliferation. This explains the role of zinc in growth, development and fertility. Protect neurons (central nervous system cells) from the harmful effects of the environment. A permanent exogenous zinc intake is necessary because the body uses zinc quite rapidly in biologically available form. Selenium improves oxygen utilization by the body and thus the brain oxygenation. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Its effects are highly stimulated by vitamin E.

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