Eric Mazur: Memorization or understanding: are we teaching the right thing?

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Education is more than just transfer of information, yet that is what is mostly done in large introductory courses – instructors present material (even thoug…
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14 Responses to “Eric Mazur: Memorization or understanding: are we teaching the right thing?”

  1. Sanjay Mehrotra says:

    What software help do you need? I may be able to help? My email is

  2. W. R. Klemm says:

    This is a wonderful presentation, confirming what I have learned over 50 years of making teaching mistakes. As a “Memory Medic” (, I am concerned that other Mazur-enlightened teachers will disdain memorization. The educational problem is not memorization, but MINDLESS memorization. You can’t assimilate and apply knowledge without having the knowledge. Mazur’s emphasis on active learning not only enhances understanding, but also retention of the underlying knowledge.

  3. Mrmoc7 says:

    Medical school is even worse. As we’re expected to know more and more in less time, the kids who do really well initially are those with a memorization bias; those who dare to understand suffer a lot in the first 2-3 yrs of medical school because there’s too much information and not enough time. If they don’t lose hope in the first 2-3 yrs, they eventually find their rhythm and adapt their learning style to the demand of their supervisors who often times, unfortunately, were also memorizers.

  4. Patrick Ho says:

    Too much emphasis is put on memorization, understanding something is better and just looking up something takes seconds.

  5. Ivan Gomez says:

    i want to know how software use Mr Mazur for do this… i’d search this software and i cant’t find this…. i really appreciate your help.

  6. DMoberg says:

    Very nice presentation 🙂

  7. PLISKEN12 says:

    apparently u r not getting it ! it means not to memorize what he is saying but to understand !

  8. PLISKEN12 says:

    well? can u educate me please?????

  9. PLISKEN12 says:

    huh? what r u talking about?

  10. ulearnphys says:

    Apparently you didn’t listen to the professor’s presentation. His whole point is that absorption isn’t what we need to be about.

  11. PLISKEN12 says:

    keep it simple !

  12. PLISKEN12 says:

    i have a suggestion professor- why dont u try to teach like u would teach 10 year old kid. i think that would give the maximum absorption w/ some candid humor. if only people would lighten up on their high falutin sophisticated perfect grammar obsessive fixation.

  13. PitchBlackGuitarMan says:

    great great thanks eric !

  14. abhishek kumar says:

    thought provoking talk.. everyone who is going to teach must think about it..

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