Essential Memory Tips For You And Your Mind

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Essential Memory Tips For You And Your Mind

Article by Sean Davids

There are two forms of memory: short and long term. Here are some memory tips that will help you to improve both. Finding exercises that keep your brain working is the key to a healthy and happy brain with increasing memory functions.

Simple exercise like using your toothbrush with the other hand, using your other hand to walk the dog and other activities like this can all help strengthen the mind and keep it going strong. This is a form of neurobic exercising that has been shown to work great, especially for short term memory.

Even going out with friends or having a tea party acts to actively keep the mind going and healthy. You can spend just 20 minutes with a friend or loved one and the brain will benefit from it. The skills for thinking and memory will be exercised and will grow stronger.

Sitting back and relaxing while reading a favorite novel, school work etc. also gets the mind pumping. Fun activities that some people really enjoy like doing word puzzles and word games is also a creative way of giving your mind the exercise it needs daily for optimum health.

Even certain smells can enhance oxygen flow to the brain, like Sandalwood which you can find in most stores as candles or incense. When you smell this your mind gets stronger and more alert because of increasing oxygen flow.

Not only is meditation a way to strengthen your body and mind, it rejuvenates your brain also and helps you retain your long and short term memories for even longer. If mind and body are in tune with each other then everything about you works like a precision instrument that has been fine tuned.

We all know rest is essential in order for our body to restore itself from the day’s activities but it is also essential for restoring the mind and spirit as well. The brain needs time to rest and unwind from all the information it has consumed during the day. Sleeping at least 8 hours gives it adequate time to restore itself to the optimum performance level. Memory tips are an important thing to do each and every day to keep your memory sharp and focused.

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