Exercise – Brain Rule #1

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Exercise boosts brain power. Learn more about John Medina at
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16 Responses to “Exercise – Brain Rule #1”

  1. undusklabe says:

    well said!!

  2. OnticLogos says:

    But I would have remembered way more if it I was!

    Ref 1. – Ch. 1 of “Brain Rules” and the entire book “Spark”

  3. yup7861 says:

    i find it difficult to eat while lying down

  4. seppa15 says:

    No one learned calculus by playing on a jungle gym.

  5. JEESherazi says:

    The book was read.

  6. ekimthegib says:

    A bit cheesy but informative.

  7. mullerja135 says:

    Just started reading Brain Rules, makes sense so far.

  8. bongapendo says:

    Practice what you preach, fat man. Lol.

  9. kheila27 says: bout those nerds…

  10. mark1983peace says:

    OOOH! The hypocrisy, lol!

  11. 19TOFY58 says:

    i saw a column in a magazine that tell the most effective brain stimulant is to do at least 20 mins of exercise because it releases some chemicals that helps to nourish the neurons in our brain, so I say it makes big sense.

  12. k0litsas says:


  13. xdegenerate18 says:

    Perhaps this husky gent in the video should consider attempting Rule #1

  14. coolghoul2 says:

    a little to repetitive but could ave ben cool

  15. Neek357 says:

    Or was it? Dun duuh duuuuuh!

  16. pujaantarbangsa says:

    Our brains were built for walking—12 miles a day!

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