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This introduction to the DVD, Brain Workshop™ Mind and Movement Exercises for Brain Health, shows how it is possible to change the structure and function of the brain, reverse age-related changes in the brain, to rehabilitate and regain lost function after stroke or brain injury. Integrate these ancient Tai Chi principles to maximize any exercise for improving brain health and brain function and to maximize mind-body connection. Two-volume set .95 at
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3 Responses to “Exercises for Brain Health – Use Mind Power and Movement at”

  1. BlindLed says:

    Very every action there is a reaction in the brain. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. DCTAI says:

    This is excellent- a lot of really good information about specifically why Tai Chi works so well. I also checked out her website and there is all kinds of great information there as well.

  3. mindseyetouch says:

    Very good information, if you’re interested din the scientific foundation of the ancient art of taijiquan. Four stars.

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