Exercises for Your Brain & Mental Training to Boost Memory

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) Can stress cause memory loss and affect memory & aging? Discover natural stress relief and brain function exercises & mental training you can do to boost memory today!
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25 Responses to “Exercises for Your Brain & Mental Training to Boost Memory”

  1. navjyotbhullar says:

    dodochipmunk….he is a sikh go n hv sum knowledge 1st u can’t see SINGH n KHALSA in his name…..these two words r related to sikhism….MrNihet….sikhs doesn’t looks like muslims see his TURBAN dat unique style of turban is used by sikhs only not by muslims….PROUD TO B A SIKH….SAT SHRI AKAL

  2. MrNihet says:

    @dodochipmunk no my frnd he is sikh…. sikhs look like muslims but its different relegion

  3. bmaj7 says:

    @HoeyTube As long as Richie is a genuine MD,he can pretend to be Indian or specifically Sikh;it doesn’t bother me but if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery he has as his Sikh name signifies,a duty to uphold those positive aspects of the culture he is emulating.I say positive as all cultures have negative aspects also.

  4. 136Soul says:

    Are you a psychopath?
    Or a comedian?

    I can’t quiet see what you are, is this for real or are you having a laugh?

  5. 136Soul says:

    Are you a psychopath?
    Or a comedian?

    I can’t quiet see what you are, is this for real or are you having a laugh?

  6. lebrontravelled says:

    @dodochipmunk umm he is sikh, hence the middle name singh and why must you point it out like that what has islam ever done to you, and dont say 9/11, because that is just pure ignorance

  7. lebrontravelled says:

    good choice on being sikh, its a great and tolerant religion, it makes me proud when i see more and more people realising the beauty in our religion, not to pass judgement on religions that do have converters and missionaries, but i am glad our religion does not force anyone to become sikh or try to convince anyone to become sikh

  8. ZRadach says:

    @anindita93 please give this a thumbs up folks. this is ACTUALLY the REALITY of what is going on here.

    look, i know you’re probably american (if you’re reading things…[not the commenter]) so reality and/or truth is painful, scary, odd, confusing, etc….

    but please, bear with me… because it’s a good thing.

  9. MissMaria1988 says:

    What is the matter with you? He try to tell you that maditation benefit us soooo much. I love IT. Changed my life 🙂

  10. dodochipmunk says:


  11. anindita93 says:

    White American converted to Sikhism perhaps.

  12. Gnosisguy786 says:

    Lols! I swear he didn’t look like a Sikh more like a American Yogis

  13. prabhleensin says:

    @Gnosisguy786 He is a Sikh…!!

  14. CanDoAntitude says:

    I believe your intelligent, because a beard doesn’t lie!!

  15. solvingtime says:

    for an extra memory boost, check out my video on awesome learning software.

  16. FreeSpirit3400 says:

    Dead brain cells dont lie LOL What a creative expresion LOL

  17. zfjquery says:

    lol he must be a die hard fan of shakira , hips dnt lie , dead cell dnt lie

  18. deaamir says:

    man it is just a damn add

  19. deaamir says:

    man it is just a damn add

  20. deaamir says:

    man it is just a damn add

  21. HoeyTube says:

    I did not see anywhere that Dr. Dharma said that he is Indian. I am not Indian, but I have religious belief that is very similar to Hinduism. Richard Alpert, the author of “Be Here Now” was certainly not Indian, but he adopted the name: Baba Ram Das and he had beliefs that reflect those of Hinduism. The soul has no ethnicity!

  22. Gnosisguy786 says:

    Lols,mayb a White Man imitate like a Sikh

  23. capricious71 says:

    Glad you mentioned meditation, but Dr., you don’t look very Indian or like you a Sikh.

  24. 12iv34 says:

    cool thanks

  25. Saad2009ksa says:

    is that a joke or something ? wtf

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