Explorations in Speedlearning

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Secrets revealed about how to 3x your reading speed, double your memory, and reduce stress. This video series will reveal how to read and remember 3 books in the time others barely finish one. Speedlearning 100 (www.speedlearning100.org)
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6 Responses to “Explorations in Speedlearning”

  1. ArtLoverSarah says:

    I recall reading an article on speed reading about four months ago. The article stated that in order to speed read you needed to get rid of your sub voice and look at the words as if they were a picture. Is this statement true or false?

  2. ecojackie says:

    Any material can be read in this way and more dense books are no obstacle. - Jackie

  3. wil047 says:

    my reading speed is slow. I spend a lot of time reading but i only can read a lil material. I’m quite good at calculation stuff but not really good at memorising and understanding theories, languages, and other subjects that involves a lot of words. I often use dictionary when im reading a passage and by the time i finish reading, i just cant fully understand it. -Wil

  4. drjackie1 says:

    You are welcome. What kind of problems are you having in school? - Dr. Jackie

  5. wil047 says:

    thank you very much Dr.Jackie.I really wanna learn how to learn ever since I started to fail my subjects.I’m currently studying in my local university and I had a hard time reading books.

  6. smitty9174 says:

    We welcome comments from folks. Was this video helpful? Let us know your reading challenges and we will address them in future videos. We want to be of service and help you succeed. – Dr. Jackie

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