FREE Daily Brain Exercises – Improve Speech – Memory – Creativity – : )

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QUICKER BEGINNING than the other one we offer – Fewer instructions. – Improve Speech – Writer’s Block – Memory Retrieval – ALL AGES Speak-Write Smart Art® is…
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15 Responses to “FREE Daily Brain Exercises – Improve Speech – Memory – Creativity – : )”

  1. KYY6555 says:

    I got used to this video. In other words, my brain have memorized some pattterns and when trying, the ansers automatically arise instead of searching names of pictures. I wish I could try another video, but “A to Z” seems to have closed. So I can’t improve anymore what is called “memory retrieval” here.

  2. Moka Akashiya says:

    *waits for screamer*

  3. RomanyRedPoppy says:

    I found this very difficult, but i suppose if i practice i will become quicker, hopefully improving my recall ?

  4. aceanderson says:



  5. AgentSpiral says:

    Thank you.

  6. aceanderson says:

    Dear Friend,

    I believe it is Norah Jones – “Don’t Know Why”

    I had it in a jazz collection from PG Music and didn’t even know who it was till recently when I was on a Karaoke!


  7. AgentSpiral says:

    What type of music/what song is this? It’s really relaxing. Reminds me of peaceful times.

  8. aceanderson says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  9. sunmaram says:

    Great vid!!!! :)

  10. Hjalmar Snoep says:

    Like this. I used to do that when I’m stuck, just open a dictonary on random pages. It’s like that but visual.

  11. WaffleCakeSyrup says:

    i really suck at this. it takes like more than a second to figure out what the picture is. I will keep on watching this video and practicing every day until i say them really fast. I hope it will improve my speaking! Thank you 🙂

  12. aceanderson says:

    Hello @creativecompanion ,
    Regardless of how mentally evolved a person is or challenged with every day conversation, this exercise can help by tasking the brain by matching a name “OR DESCRIPTION” with each picture within a fraction of a second before the next picture. This becomes a brain push-up. This exercise can be stimulating and quite challenging with even the most seasoned speaker whose job is being able to fit words appropriately in sequence creatively in their minds eye. -Anderson-

  13. creativecompanion says:

    How does this work?

  14. devacangel53 says:

    WOW!  Neat!

  15. aceanderson says:

    My pleasure Deckone94. I personally watch the video myself to keep in mental shape.

    Peace always 🙂

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