Fun Games That Improve Memory

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Fun Games That Improve Memory

Article by Timothy Romano

An easy and fun way to exercise your brain is learning some new games that improve memory. The trick is to use your imagination, and turn normal daily activities into a game that will exercise your gray matter. Enjoying a TV game show, such as “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, or maybe “Jeopardy” is a good way to stimulate your mind by playing along at home trying to guess the answers. You’d be surprised at how many of those answers you’ll actually start remembering from long ago in school. The questions usually get progressively more difficult as the show continues, so it is easy to start measuring your improvement.

Puzzles and brain-teasers are another fantastic resource to take advantage of. If you like working with numbers, try Sudoku. On the other hand, if you are a word person, crossword puzzles would be more fun for you. You can find a ton of different puzzles in your daily paper, or even check out their various internet sites. I like to do the daily crosswords in The New York Times, as puzzles are fantastic games to improve memory. They are always challenging, and if you don’t get the paper at home, the puzzles and answers are available on their website.

One of the easiest and most readily available brain work-outs you can do, is simply picking up a book or magazine and reading. An important aspect of reading is comprehension, and it is a challenge for many people. A trick to improve your comprehension is simply slowing the pace at which you read. You will remember and understand a lot more of the information that you are reading. If you want to know if your memory is improving, just see how well you are retaining and understanding what you read. Not to mention, who wouldn’t benefit from the new knowledge gained by reading up on a new topic? I know I do!

Just like starting to exercise a new muscle that you haven’t used much, the brain will benefit greatly by exercising it in a new manner. You could play games that improve memory while passing time driving on a long road trip. My brother and I used to memorize and quiz each other on the highest point in each of the fifty states. You could make it as easy or difficult as you like by trying state capitals, or a harder game memorizing the state populations. All of this information is in your road atlas, which you likely have with you on your trip. Activities that necessitate concentration, such as automotive hobbies, model railroading, or quilting, are effective methods to practice attention to detail. Outside distractions are one of the greatest barriers to effectively remembering things. These types of activities improve your attention to detail, and train your ability to concentrate, thereby blocking out external distractions.

Give your brain power a boost by learning some new games that improve memory. The more you use your brain by trying techniques such as the ones I’ve outlined here, the more sharp and powerful your memory will become.

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