Get More Brain Power

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Get More Brain Power

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Secrets to Improve Memory – Train Your Brain To RememberAre these lines becoming more and more familiar? What did you mean you forgot? or Honey, have you seen my glasses? or You look familiar, have we met? or “Forgot password?” Then you need to improve your memory. Do not be alarmed simple forgetfulness, is a part of the aging. However, do not let yourself be defeated, fight memory loss using the tips outlined in the next section. Any combination of these tips plus patience, and constant practice you will surely be able to achieve what you want for your memory to be.Improving memory can be achieved by relearning how take notes. Get a pen and write down the things you want to remember later. Most of the time, we have pens but no papers with us. There is always the hand to write on of course this is not effective if you have sweaty palms. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a small piece of paper handy.Another wonderful tip for improving memory is by playing mind challenging games such as sudoku, chess, and word games like scrabble. These games keep the brain working through constant analysis.Fight memory loss using technology. If you need to remember a phone number, a place, a person, why not take out that cell phone camera and take pictures. Be sure to ask the new person or an old acquaintance for permission.Mental exercise is just as important as physical exertion. An example of a good mental exercise is switching. Switching increase memory because it stimulates neurons. Also studies have shown that it also has the capacity to create new ones. To do this, simply “switch” your good hand to your weaker hand. If you have always brushed your teeth or written notes with your right hand, try doing this using your left hand. You can literally change your perspective. The world renowned author Dan Brown hangs himself upside down to stimulate his creative juices.When you are studying for an important exam, visualize yourself at the examination venue writing what you’re studying as the answers to a set of imagined questions in the exam.You can also compose short rhymes and songs if you need to recall important information because it’s easier to remember facts woven into songs or rhymes.Eat a proper breakfast that is composed of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables and you will improve memory. These foods contain nutritious carbohydrates which contain glucose. Glucose fuels the brain, and the brain needs twice the amount of energy than any other body cell. Ergo lesser fuel results to a decrease in brain power and a decrease in brain power results to a decrease in concentration and memory.Develop good study habits. When studying, give yourself time to understand what you’re studying. Take time to review the next day for a few minutes. Repetition and review helps the brain to recall things better. Don’t force yourself to remember because cramming will stress the brain.Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and practice. The best memory enhancer is constant practice. The more you practice the more active the brain becomes the more things you can recall.

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