Halo: CE Anniversary – 'Speed Reader' & 'That Just Happened' Achievement guide (gameplay)

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Version with audio commentary: www.youtube.com Please, DO NOT send a message or friend request to ‘Ultimate RC 2’ – it is a secondary account I created only for the purposes of getting this achievement and I DO NOT check it. Either send me a PM here on YouTube, or if you must use XBL, send your message to ‘Ultimate RC’ “Halo: CE Anniversary – ‘Speed Reader’ & ‘That Just Happened’ Achievement guide” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary © Microsoft Corporation. – www.xbox.com –

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22 Responses to “Halo: CE Anniversary – 'Speed Reader' & 'That Just Happened' Achievement guide (gameplay)”

  1. UBConquered says:

    The exploding motherfuckers always kill me in that one small room u get locked in, the flood always find me when I hide then they just come in their and rape me, like one giant flood master cheif gang bang. I’ll try the far right wall like u did.

  2. XosfearHologram says:

    Finally just did this now! Used this guide as well, thanks dude! Fucking pisstake though -_-

  3. Mitchell Macmillan says:

    It is if you play it LASO, and yes, it took a fuck load of practice :l

  4. majorgabe56 says:

    That tunnel at 17:00 sucks cause for me theres always sum random shotgun flood that kills me!

  5. Ikas90 says:

    I tried to do the whole level without dying… and I died at the very last bit, just as I stepped onto the elevator where the Index is. Oh yeah, I raged.

  6. serioussam886 says:

    You can die infinite times as long as u “Rage quit” to the dashboard forthwith.
    **IMPORTANT**: You MUST “save&quit” at least once otherwise, all unsaved progress will be lost since u do NOT SAVE the game at all.

  7. serioussam886 says:

    Yo. I got this achievement with a little trick. As some youtubers said, u can “save and quit” by pressing the start button.Do this action while u are standing on the lift on each lvls. And resume the game after doing that. This will guarantee that you will have a checkpoint. Now here is the tricky part, if YOU DIE jump out to the xbox dashboard forthwith and load the disk again. The game will not count you dead cause the game was interrupted by quitting. Thumbs up so that others can see!

  8. MasterRC says:

    Just practice – I was drilling the first couple of jumps just before I nailed this run. You develop a ‘feel’ for it. But I am better with the the h2+ physics grenade jumps since I have way more practice what that.

  9. EliteXI7 says:

    How do you mange to get perfect grenade jumps on the first try, it fucking hard on halo 1, easier on reach or halo 3

  10. MasterRC says:

    I have nothing to prove. This is a guide for other people, and it wouldn’t be a very good guide if I ignored a tactic that made it easier.

  11. cenezeth says:

    it’s no achievement if u use skulls

  12. MasterRC says:

    Not necessary, but it does avoid some flood spawn. Don’t bother with the grenade jump up the really steep wall, by that point you can go round through the doorway ok.

  13. djdunamis says:

    Is the grenade jump at the beginning necessary? Does it make less flood spawn? I can’t make the third steep one.

  14. MrDirtyChicken says:

    Sorry as and well should only have 1 a and 1 w………… typing error 0_0

  15. MrDirtyChicken says:

    Anyone that is willing to help me with the “That just Happened” achievement I will then in turn help u ass wwell with that achievement. It is one of the last achievements I need for this game. If interested my gamertag is: ImGonnaRageQuit

  16. TheMobawk says:

    Fuck these stupid, unfair achievements.

  17. shadowings741 says:

    Ive got it now yeahh and its doable just follow the instruction step by step and the cheevo is yours. Thank you so much Master RC :D

  18. shadowings741 says:

    im at the second elevator and its doable and i have another tip for you : I had some problems at the beginning with the grenade jump you have to reach the monitor and kill some flood til you do the grenade jump because you activate his movement first use normal grenade like masterrc than ( my tip a plasma grenade ) and behind the wall you have to walk on the grenade and press a to jump not in the flight so youll do ot ^^

  19. shadowings741 says:

    My guide for all Halo Fans out there for the just happened cheevo it 100 % works i got it by myself today ^^ Just start the mission on heroic and save and quit as often as you want… ive done this at every checkpoint. So if you die simply go to the dashboard by using the guide and resume your game. So you can do this as many times as you need it and it will work because the game doesnt save your dead ps. turn the infinite ammo skull on … i forget the name ^^

  20. shadowings741 says:

    this is the best vid ive ever seen to this cheevo O.O Keep loking at it while you try this by yourself and the cheevo is yours. If he make it in 17 min. you have got chances to make it with 13 min additional time. ps. dont try to get that just happened within this on… its too hard. Just go for a second run with my guide on heroic ^^

  21. ToaMahriLeader says:

    This is gonna suck…

  22. haloraro says:

    OMG! that song!! I love it, but… its so traumatic in that level! And awesome work dude. Im gonna need this video to unlock the achievement.

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