Halo: CE Anniversary – Speed Reader, That Just Happened Achievement Guides with Commentary

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*IMPORTANT: Go here if you want to find someone to pair up with to go for these achievements: I don’t play CEA anymore so asking me isn’t going to help.* Aura here with an achievement guide commentary for the ‘Speed Reader’ and ‘That Just Happened’ achievements in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. These achievements require you to complete The Library on Legendary in 30 minutes or less, and complete The Library without dying on Heroic or higher. This is also my first commentary so I’m new to the whole ‘providing advice as you go’ game and I’ll admit I’m a bit flat and tired when I’m speaking, but hey, feedback’s appreciated for future commentaries. First and foremost, I would recommend doing these achievements in two seperate runs as getting both together can be very difficult. It doesn’t help that the mission is both very long and full of Flood so it’s even more reason to do them seperately. Speed Reader – Complete the level “The Library” on Legendary difficulty in 30 minutes or less. That Just Happened – Complete the level “The Library” on Heroic difficulty or higher without dying. Playlists for the Halo: CE Anniversary Skulls, Terminals and Achievement Guides can be found below. Thanks for watching! My channel: Subscribe for more: Halo: CE Anniversary Skull Locations playlist: Halo: CE Anniversary Terminal Locations & Videos playlist: Halo: CE Anniversary Achievement Guides

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24 Responses to “Halo: CE Anniversary – Speed Reader, That Just Happened Achievement Guides with Commentary”

  1. sharkman000000 says:

    @Aura313Productions I got mine at kmart 5 months after release.

  2. Aura313Productions says:

    Grunt Funeral. It was a preorder skull but also came in day one copies of the game. You can still find copies of CEA around in a day one game case ‘sleeve’ that advertise the Grunt Funeral skull on them.

  3. JammyTodger1994 says:

    what is that skull right of the bandana skull? the grunt with the cross eyes?

  4. mongothemighty1233 says:

    dude if you see a carrier form don’t shoot it run like hell!

  5. serioussam886 says:

    You can die infinite times as long as u “Rage quit” to the dashboard forthwith.
    **IMPORTANT**: You MUST “save&quit” at least once otherwise, all unsaved progress will be lost since u do NOT SAVE the game at all.

  6. serioussam886 says:

    Yo. I got this achievement with a little trick. As some youtubers said, u can “save and quit” by pressing the start button.Do this action while u are standing on the lift on each lvls. And resume the game after doing that. This will guarantee that you will have a checkpoint. Now here is the tricky part, if YOU DIE jump out to the xbox dashboard forthwith and load the disk again. The game will not count you dead cause the game was interrupted by quitting. Thumbs up so that others can see!

  7. serioussam886 says:

    Can it be done on Coop? One idle controller( my account) and one active controller guest(which can die).

  8. torterratrainerb says:

    im torn between the worst halo level ever.
    its either the libary or cortana

  9. cenezeth says:

    it’s  no achievement if u use skulls

  10. Aura313Productions says:

    Does it honestly bug you that much if I have a skull turned on? I mean really? Oh no, it voids the validity of my personal achievement! I’m an achievement whore. If it’s easy gamerscore I’ll do whatever the hell I want to get it, like many others out there too.

  11. cenezeth says:

    it’s no achievement if u use skulls

  12. jtans1992 says:

    If anyone wants to partner up lmk, I’m looking to get this and “that just happened” In one run if possible. Two birds one stone a know. Fallendreama and say halo achievements so I know

  13. 15CF says:

    with that just happened it works

  14. Dragoon51585 says:

    when i play through this level with my friend, there seems to be more flood than what you get, and i’m not quite sure there’s enemy scaling in that game :/ maybe i’m just thinking too hard about it 😛

  15. Dragoon51585 says:

    …and… who do you think cares? what are you trying to accomplish with such a useless comment?

  16. Halo3Craneos says:

    if I’m going to die but i press start and revert the checkpoint, can I still get the achievement?

  17. 81lonegrunt says:

    anyone who can give me a hand with this add me my gt is l0n3grunt81 just mention speed reader in a message so I know.

  18. MrSupermanatee says:

    Anyone who wants to ppartner up add GT : TylerLovekeeper with a msg saying speedreader

  19. mykillerarby says:

    wow nooby i have complete campaign on ledgendary and terminals and skulls r easy

  20. dennisje48 says:

    who can help me whit this

  21. werewolfboy97 says:

    I don’t think I listened to the audio that much during the video, I was just keeping track of the progress of your journey through the library xD Sorry

  22. Aura313Productions says:

    Bandanna skull. I turn it on and mention it pretty early on in the video.

  23. werewolfboy97 says:

    I noticed when you threw a grenade, it didn’t go down. did you make unlimited grenades to make this easier to show the achievement? Not criticizing, just wondering ^^

  24. dennisje48 says:


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