How Can We Improve Memory Beating Stress?

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How Can We Improve Memory Beating Stress?

Article by Timothy Romano

It’s one of the biggest frustrations we face in our daily lives and routines. Busy individuals everywhere are asking themselves, “how can we improve memory?” Whether it is a college student studying for the biology final, a busy mom trying to remember her list of errands, or a senior citizen who feels that he or she just can’t remember as quickly as in earlier years, improving one’s memory can be beneficial to anyone, and at any age. Most people just think that it would take too much effort or too big of a life change to improve their memory. The fact is, that just about anyone can improve their brain power, just by learning to eliminate one of the biggest roadblocks to a more powerful memory.

One of the most effective ways we can improve memory is by identifying what is possibly its biggest barrier, stress. You might wonder how stress can affect your memory, but it really is quite simple. Stress causes the creation of a substance known as cortisol. Its purpose is to help your body and mind react in an emergency “fight or flight” situation. Unfortunately, in modern times our stress levels may be continually elevated due to our environments, and too much cortisol is being produced by the body. Cortisol, in elevated quantities, has been shown to kill brain cells. It wasn’t designed to be flowing through the human body on a daily basis, and has negative effects on the body as a whole in larger doses.

So, how can we improve memory and eliminate stress? The second part of the question will help take care of the first. First you should look at yourself and try to identify some of the bigger things that are causing your stress. It’s easier said than done, but try to eliminate some of those outside stressors in your life. It will make a huge difference in your overall health and wellness.

There are lots of ways to decrease or eliminate the effects of stress on the body, and as a side benefit, improving memory. Spending time with family and friends has been a proven method of reducing stress in humans. The more time we spend laughing and relaxing, the more stress will leave the body and mind. The chemicals released in the brain during laughter have an enormous benefit to the body’s overall health. It’s amazing how keeping close to people who are important to you will make you forget about those negative things in your life that cause you stress.

Another way to reduce stress is to learn meditation or to take a yoga class. Meditation is a natural way of inhibiting the physical responses of stress in the body. It naturally reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and also blocks the production of cortisol, which we already know to be harmful to the brain. It’s not difficult to learn, and you can learn the basics from books available at your local library. A beginners’ yoga class is another excellent way to gain many of the same benefits enjoyed by meditation.

So, how can we improve memory by reducing stress? First, by eliminating as many of the things that cause us stress to begin with. Second, by finding natural ways to combat stress, such as laughter, yoga, and meditation. Now we can see that combating stress isn’t as difficult as we once thought. There are plenty of simple techniques we can use to reduce stress in our lives, or at least lessen its negative effects on our bodies, and our ability to remember. This is one of the biggest steps anyone can take to improve the power of their memory!

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