How to Begin Speed Reading

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How to Begin Speed Reading

Article by Sara L Christensen

If you are already a strong reader and you are anxious to get through moreinformation at a faster rate, then you might consider learning how to speedread. In this article, you will learn some tips on how you can become a speedreader. These tips are for people who are already proficient with the Englishlanguage. If you have trouble comprehending or retaining information, you willneed to work on those skills before you can practice speed reading.

Before you begin speed reading, have an eye exam to determine that you do notneed reading glasses. Also, speak with the doctor about the best light forreading. You can be easily distracted by poor lighting or problems seeing. Makesure you are fully prepared to give your full attention to your task.

As you begin learning to speed read, you will first need to spend some timeeach day “exercising” your eyes to avoid eye strain later on. Your eyes will bemoving faster than they do during “normal” reading. To get your eyes into speedreading shape, take a very easy book and read it without stopping for threeminutes. Try to increase your speed while still maintaining full comprehension.

You will be better able to speed read if you set goals for the chosen text. Beclear on your reason for reading this particular material. What do you want tolearn? What are you going to gain by reading this? Speed readers generally readin “blocks” rather than word-by-word.

As I mentioned before, you must be able to concentrate while speed reading.Posture and comfort are important factors A good speed reading position is:sitting straight up, holding the book in your non-dominant hand and using yourdominant hand to pace yourself.

After you have finished reading a section, review it in your mind. Create asummary for yourself mentally. This will help you to retain the information. Besure you read the first sentence of each paragraph more carefully than the restas the most important information is usually written there. This will increaseyour speed reading as well as help guarantee that you are getting what you needfrom the material.

Not every text lends itself to speed reading. Learn to adjust your readingspeed based on the purpose of the material. If you have a specific assignmentor you already know the information for which you are looking, scanning thetext may prove to be an effective method. However, there will be times when youmust read every word carefully.

One of the main things that can slow down your read is spending a lot of timere-reading. To break yourself of this “skip-back habit,” use a piece of paperto cover up the words you have already read.

Another way to focus yourself on speed reading is by moving your finger or apencil across the text as you read. Our eyes naturally follow moving objects.To pick up your reading speed, slowly pick up the speed of your “pointer. “

If you are able to completely focus on your task while reading, you alreadyhave the most important skill necessary to become a speed reader. Always giveyour full attention to the material. This is especially important when you arespeed reading. Concentration will reduce re-reading, increase comprehension andhelp you anticipate what might come next.

In this age of constant information, speed reading has never been a moreimportant skill. There are no “secrets” to speed reading. If you are a skilledreader with the ability to concentrate, you can become a speed reader in notime at all. Simply follow the steps above and you will be well on your way toabsorbing more information in less time.

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