How to *Boost Your Brain Power* by Brushing Your Teeth [Day 24]

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14 Responses to “How to *Boost Your Brain Power* by Brushing Your Teeth [Day 24]”

  1. anindita93 says:


  2. SvendsenAtheist says:

    I’m gonna start wiping my ass with the none-dominant hand from now on,maybe my brain will start a new neuronet.

  3. SanAntonio78210 says:

    @SvendsenAtheist LMAO

  4. SvendsenAtheist says:

    So you shouldn’t wipe your ass with your “dominant hand” to?

  5. rubut says:

    im now gonna start typing using my feet

  6. mamasboy51 says:

    Trains your brain but screws up your teeth.

  7. deppressed1 says:

    i want to fuk this lady

  8. guggie2000 says:

    waist of time. You made more complicated in the end. it’s something to do more physically.

  9. psedani1 says:

    simple…yet seems VERY effective…keep it up!

  10. aminCS says:

    ok…tomorrow I’ll start to walk backwards…just to challenge my brain…hope I wont get hit by a car 😛

  11. mattrix14869 says:

    wow. never thought of this

  12. ThePilatesLounge says:

    this is so great- so many things related to the gums and teeth that get overlooked. I started ‘oil pulling’ a few years ago and it makes a huge difference in healthy gums. Great job. I love the on dominate hand thing!

  13. DanceMassTV says:

    Brilliant Jill. I always encourage dancers to practise movements on both sides, legs and arms. Great for the brain and healthy for the body too ! Day 24 ? Awesome Jill.. you’re nearly there.

  14. TracyEGardner says:

    Jil – Love this! Very creative! It is so true and brings you into the ‘NOW’! I had to do an exercise by writing with my non-dominate hand.
    How often should we doing these type of exercises?
    Tracy Gardner

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