How to do speed reading at 600 words per minute & get better grades

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25 Responses to “How to do speed reading at 600 words per minute & get better grades”

  1. Lorenzothegr81 says:

    this is all advertising and no how to?
    brilliant way to waste my time

  2. godofwarfanable says:

    2500 ftw lol read harry potter in 1 hour (book 1)

  3. Tarandarklord says:

    Well speed reading is real, but why stop at 600? Just try to absorb more than one word at a time you could end up reading at 1200. Just sayin.

  4. IncoherentCommenter says:

    you spelled counselor wrong.

  5. SjPsych says:

    If that were the case you would have to subject your mind to doing so. Hypnosis cannot be accomplished unless the person being hypnotized consents to it.

  6. SjPsych says:

    Actually if you blink rapidly you will find it slowing down in your mind. 😉

  7. kelkworthfilms says:


  8. Epskater14 says:

    Somehow I can read this shit….? Maybe cause I just smoked crack.

  9. kevin55555able says:

    i cant read tht

  10. SuperKurorin says:

    Really fun. I read it out .

  11. MisticWays says:

    God damn it I blinked once every 10 seconds while reading this, but I understood this very much. I just had to concentrate hard enough to see a picture of what he was saying about his product. It works, tomorrow I will re-read it again and see if I’ve gotten better :DDD This works though. So my reading speed is near 600! Yeeeyy! :DDDD and I’d used to read 180 words per minute :O


    where can u download the software to do that with words?

  13. PsychoKiller888 says:

    Yes master i will kill all humans

  14. cyberxdev says:

    Blink and you will miss the story ! 😉

  15. cyberxdev says:

    I need your approval ! Pleas 😉

  16. bybyutza96 says:

     it’s not, lol..

  17. MrSharan1997 says:

    why is my comment always the the Top Comment!!

  18. Quiseen2 says:

    All I need to speed read is read 1 word, scan through 5-20, read another and so on. I can remember 75% though.

  19. Nouri8885 says:

    This video is you trying to hypnitise us into buying ur product, but we don’t want to buy it lol

  20. CAW51593 says:

    I want a computer program to turn text files into this type of video thing.
    not a book.

  21. ptevans01 says:

    I think the Quick Reader app is better. Is the an speed reading tool like Quick Reader for google chrome??

  22. ptevans01 says:

    I think the Quick Reader app is better. Is the an speed reading tool like Quick Reader for google chrome?

  23. bobvilaschicken says:

    People who dislike this need to get the program and learn to speed read. This is a great video.

  24. amrane8 says:

    is this actually readable? I GET THE POINTS then there is a big word and i fuck up

  25. AmandaaHug says:

    i actually understood most of it.

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