How to Improve Brain Power

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How to Improve Brain Power

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Working constantly on increasing our brain power is a toppic that should be highly relevant to everbody. Sooner or later we will start to experience the deterioration of our brain and it will come at the most inconvenient moment. Guys forgetting the names of girls they went out with a few months back and bumping into them suddenly on the street, having to take down a number digit by digit rather than in chunks or forgetting your friend/partners birthday. The first thing we need to realise is that like with any skill, we are going to need some time before we see any real improvements. The improvement is probably going to be so gradual that we will most likely not notice how we get better. Here are some things you can do to get the ball rolling or the cogs turning.

Play games: The first thing that may jump to mind is things like trivia games. This is a great start but will only focus on improving your long term memory and recalling ability. However you can also have a go at things like crosswords, sudokus and other puzzles that focus on solving problems. Heck, you might even want to go through your multiplication tables again.

As you might have already guessed, the tougher the problem is set, the more our brain must work at finding the solution and thus the more it will find itself having to improve to get up to the standard of what is required of it. Chess and similar board games are a great means of coming up with strategy, thinking ahead and adapting to and ever changing problem. However there are also many video games on each of the imagineable consoles that focus on problems that make you rack your brain. There are even loads of apps you can download onto your smartphone.

Use both hands or feet: Left handed people used to be forced to write with their right hand in schools when fountain pens were used so as not to smudge the ink on the paper. This made those individuals have to work their brains harder for a while in order to get up to speed with their right hand and thus gave them the boost they needed to spread the myth that left handed people are smarter on average. Since the ball point pen we can be sure that it is no longer a reason to validate the myth but it goes to show how working at a skill as easy to practice as using your less favoured limb will help you develop your brain to a greater extent.

Test the unknown: As we repeat the same experiences over and over again, we submt our brain to monotony which leads to laziness. A brain that is constantly challenged frequently will develop more connections to the different parts of it to categorize the things we detect with our senses. Knowing this, try giving your senses a run for their money by tasting new foods, smelling unknown odours, hearing alternative music, experiencing new textures and seeing unusual sights.

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