How to improve memory while improving vision

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How to improve memory while improving vision

Article by Al P. Monsen

To retain the mind, it is essential to train your vision regularly. Rest is your key element to take care of vision for a long time. You have to rest your eyes on a dayly basis because eyesight and mental focus go in conjunction and both do not do well with pressure and emotional tension. Relaxation and peace of mind is important in remembering things. All these things rely on each other to work properly and require only a few minutes a day to work on a high level.A great way to test the state of the eyes is a mental memory exercise. In this training, the goal is to maintain a visual picture for as long as possible. To start, cover one eye and look quickly at a letter on the page with the other eye. Close your eyes and hold the image of the letter in your thoughts as long as possible. Count how many seconds the image stays in your mind before fading away. Note that number. Now do the same thing for the other eye and examine the results.Now rest the eyes for a couple of minutes and try again. One way to relax the eyes is to shut them and focus only on enjoyable thoughts and wonderful recollections. Allow your eyes to focus on the darkness and forget everything around you. Open your eyes and try the exercise again. Hopefully the outcome is different and the picture stayed longer the second time around. If not, you will want to find some eye relaxing exercises and work on removing the stress.Vision impacts memory. We require the vision to see the image. The more clearly we see the image the more information we can recall on later. Concentrating on the positive events will help keep the mind relaxed and the eyes free of strain.The next exercise will help you relax and improve your memory. Try it this evening. While lying in bed tonight focus on as many of the positive things that happened during the day as possible. Picture the events in as much detail and color as possible. Attempt picturing your lunch or the clothing the person who complimented you was wearing. Focusing on the positive things will clear your mind, relax the body, and give you a more rewarding night’s sleep.Removing the strain from the eyes will not only enhance your vision it will also improve your memory.

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