How To Improve Memory with Linking

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How To Improve Memory with Linking

Article by David Starks

Associating or linking words to each other is one of the bet ways on memorizing lists or groups of words. Creating pictures in your mind while linking two objects together will enable your mind to remember what it learned even better.

Your memory works best when it sees pictures in your minds eye. Whether you are in school and need to remember the human anatomy or are going shopping and need to remember your grocery list, associating with pictures works best.

We will combine the known with the unknown. We will take something we need to remember and in our minds eye and place it in a certain place that we know.

I am going to the supermarket and will need to remember a list of items. I will use four items now but this can be used with any amount of items. We will form a story in our mind.

The items are: OlivesEggsKetchupSponge

We will take these items and place them in a known place in our minds eye. I choose my bathroom. I pick 4 areas of the bathroom and will associate each grocery item with one area of the room.

The places I chose in the bathroom are: ShowerToiletFloorSink

I look in my shower and see huge Olives coming out of the shower the size of bowling balls. They start jumping all over the bathroom. The toilet starts to fight back by shooting Eggs at the olives. The olives break and Ketchup spurts from them and floods the floor with ketchup. A Sponge dives off the sink and absorbs all the ketchup from the floor.

You will remember in what order the areas of your bathroom are in since this is already known to you. Combining these areas with what you need to remember will help you in recalling the items when you run the story through your mind.

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