How to Improve Short Term Memory: Just Have Fun!

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How to Improve Short Term Memory: Just Have Fun!

Article by Sean Davids

Exactly like our bodies, our minds need frequent activity to remain in top form. In spite of this, lots of folks don’t dwell on intellectual workouts a whole lot when they hit the upper half of their life. Fortunately cerebral exercise doesn’t need to make us gasp for air and perspire, and it can even be enjoyable. With just a few moments each day, you will be able to learn how to improve short term memory with easy activities that you can do at home. As a matter of fact, your whole family may want to get in on the action once they find out how much fun it can be to give your brain a workout.

Test your Recall: This is an entertaining game that is commonly played at parties and showers, but it is also a perfect way to train yourself how to improve short term memory. Place about a dozen items on a table and allow everybody several moments to memorize them. Hide the articles with a blanket and request everyone to list as many as they can from memory. After everybody has had some time to jot down all of the objects they are able to recall, take away the cover and find out who memorized the most. A variation on this is to scrutinize a room for a few moments and then shut your eyes. See how many green items you can recall. Once you have named all you are able to, open your eyes and observe which ones you forgot. This is a great activity that can be done just about anywhere.

Matching Game: This is one of the most effective activities to give your memory a challenge. You play the game using cards placed facedown on the table. Turn up two cards at once and try to find two that match. You can also find a lot of matching games on the internet. For double the rewards, play this game with your children. They will improve their ability to concentrate at the same time as you learn how to improve short term memory loss.

Trivia: This is another great means to learn how to improve short term memory as it forces your mind to remember all sorts of information from the past. From the classic Trivial Pursuit game to a lot of contemporary trivia games online, you will find lots of games to keep you busy. As a matter of fact, there are even puzzle books filled with trivia that you can work through for yourself to keep your memory operating at top power. You might even discover some interesting information that you never knew till now.

Teaching yourself how to improve short term memory can be as simple as engaging in one or two mind games every day. Whether you prefer to engage in some memory games with the kids or log onto the internet for some online fun, you can boost your ability to recall things at any time in your life.

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