How to Improve Your Memory

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Good News Video #3 Story 1 – How to improve your memory Story 2 – Cargo Ship goes almost 1000miles to save girl Story 3 – First Successful Penis Transplant Story 4 – Solar Plane flies around…
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8 Responses to “How to Improve Your Memory”

  1. Tero K. says:

    it’s so fantastic how well dolphins and whales take care of the people :)

  2. 1RadioShowHost says:

    Thank goodness for your videos. Our Weather Service Office says we may get
    more freezing weather until the end of March, or middle of April.
    “Hello, Ajax Liquor Store. Can you deliver a case of Ron Bacardi Rum?”

  3. HTGlobe says:

    All of these stories are awesome! I love that the whale saved that lady.
    Whales and dolphins are incredible creatures that I have so much respect
    for. Great episode once again. I love starting my week off watching :)

  4. Crabjuice says:

    I don’t want to know where they got the “donor boner” from.

  5. Siya Zarrabi says:

    Good News from around the World – Video #3 . Start your Monday off with
    some positivity! 

  6. ClashOfClans says:

    nice video siya! what video editing program do you use? and did you use
    that to make your intro?

  7. Maya Noraa says:

    There is hope for me!! I was born in the Netherlands,so this all is good
    newss! Go Dutchiesss. Thank you, Siya!!! Alsom loving the editing and the
    random music got me jamming.

  8. Glimmer Rage says:

    Cool background set up!

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