How To Improve Your Memory

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) presents… A series on Memory and how to improve it and help your brain function better.
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25 Responses to “How To Improve Your Memory”

  1. TheChildsplay03 says:


  2. MrColdplay96 says:

    thanks now that can help me with actin

  3. 3ch056 says:

    Its difficult to elaborate it to the point of outrageous if there are so many of them…

  4. theEdTechInsider says:

    This is a very good strategy that I think a lot of people call association, and it usually works not only for random things like locations in parking lots, but also when one needs to remember something for a test, for example. At our company Brainscape, we help people learn using flashcards, which is also another effective way to learn and remember. Thanks for sharing this and check out our videos and our site when you can!

  5. Ashfall32 says:

    sometimes thinking crazy can be the smartest way of living life. 🙂 like parking ur car u have to think of an elephant to remember where u parked it.

  6. the123kaylad says:

    I don’t have good memory apparently. I didn’t understand have of what these people were saying.

  7. miriamsulanera says:

    And what do you think about Brain Boosters?, could improve your memory as yow were a child.

    Just, I liked to feel this sensation again and I can confirm that works, is like your brain requires data all time. Do you remembre the movie? Simple it’s awesome! I recommend to try it at least one time, then you will have another point of view.

  8. italoplf says:

    Good thanks

  9. kaiser85collins says:

    Order a brain tuner or bio tuner.Electro therapy works.

  10. 00fardeen says:

    she is hottttttttttttt

  11. suplol66 says:

    thank you

  12. legggggggggy says:

    I would like to do christine 6 times

  13. legggggggggy says:

    Or you could think about beating her up so that he has 6 teeth left.

  14. Nessasbeach says:

    “owtrajus” 🙂

  15. SupaiPiedadja662 says:


  16. WallPaintProductions says:

    is it me or do they sound exactly alike?…wait… what was i watching?

  17. gooddeal61 says:

    How do I get to remember how many ppl I have sex with?

  18. hellokittydimaggio says:

    i thin the information at 1:40 is essentialy, very true, and very helpful, and I NEED TO DO THIS!!!!!!!! FOCUS FOCUS

  19. hellokittydimaggio says:

    @leon8chicken good one

  20. oKeseru says:

    But for more complex things in school not fucking parking lot. Remembering a long text… I am not going to think of a fucking image to remember a verse or remember an equation. There must be another way.

  21. Zypnick says:

    ….I just remember

  22. Spyez says:

    I don’t care remembering where I parked my car, I care remembering all the shit I study for class.

  23. imnoobish says:

    if you can’t fucking remember where u’ve parked then ur just an idiot.

  24. pureiZGOD says:

    Ouhh that asian tactics…

  25. adrwLe says:

    i think using that method would make studying much more complicated…

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