How To: Improve Your Memory

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On this week’s podcast, memory grand master Ed Cooke gave us some tips on how to remember numbers and names. Illustrations by Justin Witte, editing by Nora Gully. Ed’s website is More from Justin at http More from Nora at More from How To Do Everything at http
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4 Responses to “How To: Improve Your Memory”

  1. micky6966 says:

    I would forget the things I was supposed to associate with the things I was trying to remember. Now, what were we talking about here?

  2. fever103 says:

    How do I remember 100 people? Fun video!

  3. 13455625 says:

    Hingus will always be #01

  4. gus7519 says:

    Great job Ian, Mike and Nora!

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