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Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (0) ZOX Pro Reviewed – Genius Brain Power Studies have shown that human brain is continuously in the process of learning and the only way to keep the brain active is to keep introducing it to different challenges. It has been seen that many people stop attempting to learn new things once they pass out of college and this often results in tough situations for them at work places. When faced with new or thought provoking tasks, such people tend to get stressed and confused which affects their performance and somewhere their chances of promotion. ZOX Pro is a website that is designed to promote smarter ways of learning. Advanced maths and extensive reading have always been thought as the ideal methods of teaching and being taught but this program does not aim at overstuffing people with information that may not prove useful in the end. Scientific studies have shown that meditation acts as the food for the brain. In other words, brain is seen to very active when in a relaxed and quiet state during meditation. Keeping this fact in mind, the creators of this website have designed a novel method known as brain entertainment to relax your brain and at the same time actively involve it in learning processes The website provides the subscribers with 2 sets of MP3 files. The first set is meant for meditation to help you relax while the second set is created in such a way so as to increase electrical activity of the brain and promote your Intelligence, IQ and

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