How To Improve Your Memory To Help Your Business

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How To Improve Your Memory To Help Your Business

Article by ROY DERRICK

Having a good memory is important in any walk of life but it is crucial when you are running your own business. Without your memory there would be chaos. Most of us don’t trust our memory but how can you improve your memory in order to become more successful in business?

There are memory techniques that can be used to make the process easier. After all when you are running your own business there are so many different names of people to remember (and let’s be honest nobody instantly looks like their name.)

In order to improve your memory you will need to first of all learn to relax. Statistics show that amazingly more people fear public speaking than dying. Therefore it is imperative to learn how to relax and to find an easy method of storing information into your long term memory rather than just into your short term memory.

One of the easiest way to do this is by using association using your imagination. For example if you are due to meet with a Tony then try to visualise a famous person that you would associate with that name e.g. Tony Blair. Or if you are trying to remember a list of a different countries that manufactures items that you need to purchase then try again to use association to store that information into your long term memory. For example if the countries are China, France and Germany then why not imagine a china tea cup for China, the Eiffel tower for France and a famous tennis player like Boris Becker for Germany . It is a proven fact that it is far easier to remember a list of words by using images associated to those words that you are trying to remember.

If you are trying to learn a long list of numbers, which is quite likely when you are running your own business, again try breaking down the list of numbers and using your imagination to visualise those numbers as images instead.

For example if you are trying to remember the number 1915927525 then try breaking it down as follows:

1915…Try to visualise a clock showing that time

9…Think of a balloon on a string that resembles the number 9

2…Imagine a swan that resembles the number 2

7525…Think of something outrageous like a man of 75 marrying a woman of 25

Suddenly that important list of 10 numbers has been broken down into 4 images which will now make it easier to store that number into your long term memory.

The power of using association is that is allows us to store boring information in a more interesting way.

I have found these simple methods have helped me enormously within my business. The simple memory techniques that I have learned have helped to improve my memory no end. Previously I had struggled to remember names, especially when I was meeting with so many new contacts, but I now just use the power of association in order to instantly remember their names and store them into my long term memory. I also use these methods when I make videos to promote my business as I find that I am far more relaxed and able to remember my script by using this simple method.

Indeed my ten year old daughter can even recite the first 10 numbers of the mathematical Pi number by using this simple technique and my eight year old daughter instantly remembers that there are 22 bones in an adult human skull merely
by thinking of 2 swans that resemble the number two rather than trying to remember a number.

It is reassuring to know that in our ever busy lives there are quick and easy ways that we can improve our memories, which will help us to run our businesses more efficiently and in the process will enable us to relax and gain more confidence when meeting or speaking with others .All we need to do is to program our memory and to use it properly.

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