How To Increase Brain Power – And Begin To Release Stress

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How To Increase Brain Power – And Begin To Release Stress

Article by Dianne M. Buxton

Understanding how to increase brain power and how you can release stress simultaneously, is fairly easy. I’ll explain how both these things contribute to the effect of the other.

This is a long term plan, and it is a lifestyle change for many. It may sound like a daunting challenge if you are a couch potato or working sitting down for too many hours in a day. Yet the rewards are great.

Forming your own program to have more brain power, slower aging, and understanding how to de-stress, means that as you age, you will find less need for drastic or emergency lifestyle changes. Know that you can prevent premature aging, stress related diseases and physical/mental weakening, and you can also benefit from better moods and critical thinking abilities into old age. Here are the components for a program:

Exercise – Number One!

The physical benefits to exercise are the obvious – stronger muscles, better coordination and better balance. Add to that, improved circulation, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Thus you slow your aging and keep yourself strong and functional.

Emotionally, the benefits of exercise are significant. Exercise lifts your mood. It also improves circulation to your brain, and increases chemicals called “growth factors” that contribute to the manufacture of new brain cells. So in this way, physical challenges and movements neutralize stress.

Insulin resistance is a major factor in aging. Once the body has reached this condition (from lack of effective exercise and a bad diet) weight gain is constant. This syndrome can lead to Diabetes II, obesity, and other inflammatory conditions. Insulin sensitivity can be regained by muscle building exercise, slow motion weight lifting that triggers the fastest twitch muscle fibers. This action triggers a unique cascade of enzymes – chemical messengers – that tells your body to build up the muscle fibers.

When you start building muscle tissue, you start increasing your metabolism. The tendency to gain weight will decrease. Slowly, but surely, you will see results in your physique – and also your blood sugar tests. Be sure to tell your doctor your plan, and schedule regular tests. I bet your physician will be a cheer leader for you, if no one else is.

You can learn to exercise for cardio vascular challenge, and weight resistance, pacing it carefully in intervals. There is no rush in this approach – you start where you are right now, and proceed at an appropriate intensity. Enjoy it!

Stress Control

Stress reduction tips often are headed by – exercise! For all the reasons mentioned above plus the fact of you putting aside time for yourself, and perhaps work out with a partner, your child, or a colleague whose company you enjoy. And, as well as the growth factor chemicals mentioned above, exercise produces endorphins, the same feel good neurotransmitters that are produced by sugar, drugs, alcohol and sex. Therefore, adding exercise to your routines is a huge positive.

Healthy Brain Power Diet Also Helps You Control Stress

And not only that, but a better diet gives you the energy to exercise too. So here you have a third factor that works with the other two. And all three factors make the other ones work better. And reducing one factor will reduce the benefits of the other two. It is a wonderful holistic approach.

I personally believe that your attitude is of prime importance. Positive emotions and strong beliefs can override a less than optimum diet, and lack of exercise. To a point. I think that when an emergency crops up, burn out is inevitable if you have not been taking care of yourself. So be aware of the following:

* decreasing or replacing coffee with nutrients for the brain, memory, and cognitive faculties * the B Complex vitamins and extra B12, B6 and Folic Acid for converting proteins to muscle * omega 6 oils and omega 3 oils being consumed for balance and reducing inflammation * antioxidants from dark green leafy vegetables and whole food supplements

About the Author

You will begin to feel better in many ways by applying these three plans of action. Check with your doctor if you have a medical condition, and get the okay to proceed. Visit us to get your own exercise plan to increase brain power and a natural supplement to enhance your brain health and help you to release stress.

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