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“ There was once a time in your life where you were undoubtedly sharp as a tack, able to recall information with ease. As you get older, the ability to soak up and retain knowledge so readily falls by the wayside. You can work to get your memory back, however; you just have to use some great tips like the ones listed below. Keeping your stress levels down while studying keeps your memory active. Your brain begins to shut down as stress levels rise, which means less and less ability to recall what you’ve been reading. When you feel tensions begin to rise, take a short break. Go for a walk outside, or make a cup of tea. Keeping your brain relaxed and refreshed will keep your memory at its best. Utilize calenders and planners. Buy a day planner and jot things down. Keep a schedule and be sure to glance at it occasionally. Writing these things down and looking at them will help your mind. It is less for your brain to remember and handy to have around, if you forget something. A great tip for improving your memory with new items that are unfamiliar to you is by associating them with things that you are already familiar with. An example would be to memorize somebody’s name by thinking of another person you know that looks similar to them or shares some key characteristic. Eating certain foods and avoiding others can boost the function of your brain and help prevent dementia. Foods you should eat include those rich in Omega3 fatty acids, fruits and
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