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“knol.google.com We have tried a lot of speed reading courses and have now finally found the holy grail of speed reading… In fact, what we have uncovered is something truly amazing that really does in fact leave speed reading for dead! We are talking about reading speeds that START at 25000 words per minute (yes, it’s NOT a typo, we really do mean 25000 WPM! Which is 100 times the average reading speed of 250 WPM!) and then increase from there… In fact, we have now had a reading level test on books that we have “”””Mentally Photographed”””” at over 100000 words per minute, AND with 90% comprehension of material never before seen! What that means is, we can now get 90% test scores on brand new material! (Great if you’re a school or University student because you can now dramatically reduce your study time and massively increase your test scores!) Now I know this sounds completely unbelievable and you can be forgiven for thinking that this is just a steaming pile of BS.. In fact, when we first came across this we thought exactly the same thing! I mean, these figures are completely off the planet right? But then, we managed to put our scepticism aside for just long enough to give this thing a go. We also found out that this amazing training has actually been around for 33 years, has been scientifically proven and has been taught to hundreds of thousands of people before us… Plus it came with a complete no questions asked money back guarantee for a full 60 days, so we
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