How To Increase Memory Power – Increase Your Reading Comprehension

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (0) A Few Techniques to Help Increase Memory Power We all take care of our health. Everybody crave for a healthy, fit and beautiful body. To achieve healthy, fit and beautiful body we take proper care to follow a healthy diet, do some manageable workout, stick to some beauty products and try to make ourselves presentable. But, very few think about one vital aspect ie a healthy, fit and beautiful body is only meaningful if we have powerful memory. To be precise we should have a fit and healthy brain and powerful memory which will make us competent in every sphere of life. Though memory power decreases according to age, as many people develop the disease of alzheimer that causes mental deterioration in middle or old age. But, some people have weak memory due to accident or major change in life like when a woman have baby, her whole life is changed. This sudden change often weaken her memory power. In other cases some children are slow learner by birth. Such children find difficulty in memorizing their lessons or forget soon after they memorize them. Whatever may be the causes, we can improve our memory by following some simple exercises, some useful product or keeping our brain busy. As anything which are not in use get rusted and become useless after some time the brain also need to be used constantly to keep it healthy and active. Earlier, people used to have the habit of writing diary. Slowly this good habit is forgotten due to hectic life style

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