How to Increase Your IQ Up to 14 Points

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Watch more Mental Health videos: Anyone can boost their IQ—by as much as 14 points, research shows—ju…
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25 Responses to “How to Increase Your IQ Up to 14 Points”

  1. iamawesome says:

    who the fuck eats fish for breakfast?

  2. G11B says:

    The reality is, and this is prior to watching the video, your intelligence
    is fixed. You can lower it dramatically, no problem there (do some
    drugs/drink heavily/etc.). But increasing capacity is a literal
    impossibility. Be aware, knowledge and intellect are two totally different
    concepts. Anybody can read and recite vast mathematical equations with
    little knowledge, few can fully comprehend the complexities therein. That
    is knowledge versus intelligence.
    After watching this video: Those are great exercises for maintaining and
    improving (dependent upon one’s lifestyle, that is) alertness which is
    vastly different from intelligence. Perhaps you’ll be able to learn more
    efficiently – but that’s not a shift in intellect. It’s based entirely upon
    fuel, so-to-speak. If you run a car on regular unleaded gas it’ll run – if
    you run a race car on regular unleaded, it’ll run poorly. A common honda
    civic vs a high-dollar sports car is the difference in intelligence – the
    fuel difference would relate to your eating habits. There’s no insanity in
    a claim saying a Bugatti Veyron will run laps around a Ford Fiesta. Even
    with the cheapest, lowest octane fuel available, the Ford Fiesta is a joke
    to a Bugatti Veyron. Hopefully this makes it clear to most people.

  3. KawaiiJoaco says:

    1:06 That is not the correct way to hold a fork

  4. Lars Andreas Svendsen says:

    so if i wipe my ass with the “none-dominant hand” will i increase my IQ?

  5. Shawn Nathan says:

    Eat meat? I am sure that’s just wrong. Vegetables does wonders

  6. RussianNINJAplays says:

    yay! now my I q is 14.5!

  7. TheJacobhoward56 says:

    Very stupid video.

  8. Shiben Chakravorty says:

    playing video games make you smarter

  9. Katy H says:

    How to Increase Your IQ Up to 14 Points

  10. Daniel Skipp says:

    The video’s advice is partly stupid. The reason why meat gives you more
    neurotransmitters is because they are in the meat already… you know, like
    adrenaline from the animal’s fear when it is being killed. Mmmmm… nice.
    The Koreans blowtorch dogs to death just to get more of that terrific
    taste. Addictive.
    As is the stimulant chocolate. Why meat eaters “need” it.
    Not beneficial in the long run. Then there are all the other “benefits” of
    eating animal protein, like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc
    etc. Meat = Pain.
    Meanwhile a diet of raw fruits and greens will healthily increase
    neurotransmitter production, balancing and healing the body. FACT. Deal
    with it, meatheads.

  11. sunbaskingman says:

    A keto adapted brain performs better than a carb adapted brain. One of the
    world’s top memory game champions is on a ketogenic diet.

  12. NobbyKNobbs says:

    I Q my now is 15 points!

  13. Serena Shook says:

    Anybody know what is Geniuxole System about? I hear most people improve
    their intelligence with Geniuxole System (look on yahoo search engine).

  14. Delia Bush says:

    Is Geniuxole System effective to your IQ score increased over 17 points? We
    have learn a lot of good things about Geniuxole System (search on google).

  15. Henrietta Nichol says:

    Hello there, have you considered Geniuxole System yet? Just do a google
    search. On there you’ll find a great tips about how exactly you can improve
    your intelligence. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it will work for
    you too.

  16. atoutle monde says:

    wow my iq is “14” now thanks!

  17. anticorncob6 says:

    That link did not work for me. And no, an adult IQ between 250 and 300 is
    impossible. If you take the probability of getting an IQ of 200 or above
    and multiply by 110 billion (the total number of people who ever lived),
    you get 1.4. So maybe one or two people had an IQ of 200. But anything much
    higher than that is either titanically unlikely or impossible.

  18. Joshua Pratt says:

    lmao you can’t even speak english you dumb monkey, it’s have* not has*.
    Dumb nigger. >Has an iq of 93. >Insults someone a million times more
    intelligent. >Calls me an idiot. LOL, you retard, i can’t really blame you,
    stupid people are too stupid to realize they’re stupid, that’s pretty deep
    think about it. So i will no longer waste any time on retards like you, ask
    anyone honest about what an IQ of 93 means. Dumb fucking nigger, i hate
    people like you. You should just die, worthless shit.

  19. anticorncob6 says:

    An IQ of 190 is a 1 in 1,013,594,692 rarity. This is considered profound
    genius. But you claimed Leonard Da Vinci had an IQ of 225, which if true,
    would be much higher than 190. An IQ of 225 is a 1 in
    25,446,112,109,661,331 rarity, which is over 3.5 million times the current
    world population. I said a “mere” 190 because it is mere compared to 225,
    and there is simply no way anybody had an IQ that high.

  20. Pagan Min says:

    I am actually right handed but learned to do it with my left :l I also cut
    steak with my left :l

  21. Vincent Hallberg says:

    opishposh. com/10-people-with-the-highest-iq-ever-recorded/

  22. Rajveer pandey says:

    Great video and great steps i work hard for do this

  23. Rohit Peer says:

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  24. thepro1665 says:

    LOL an IQ of 93….. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA arguing with a guy a trillion times
    smarter, (that’s a compliment). LOL, YEAH average, that’s a nice way to put
    it, you fucking retard lmao. You are hilarious.

  25. catcoolishcat says:

    I’m Batman.

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