How to Increase your Processor speed

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bringing you how to increase processor speed part 2 in depth, all things you need are in your pc. please be sure to rate comment and subscribe

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25 Responses to “How to Increase your Processor speed”

  1. MrAmu2007 says:

    Thanks a lot my man I now run a faster computer thanks to you, please keep up we need you, thanks again,

  2. zRexxerz says:


  3. bigboss2011 says:


  4. bawan54 says:

    acces is denied bitch

  5. DacikusZajebanijus says:

    Thanks :)))

  6. jeremycammilletti says:

    what do i save it as system. ini when i try to save it says
    is access denied

  7. jeremycammilletti says:

    i love this but how to i save as system.ini my pc keeps telling access denied what do i save it as or how do i get the access

  8. 08hotdevil says:

    @xAcm5pts pls help when i save it to the system32 it says you dont have permission contact your administrator.. but im the only one using this pc??

  9. dexterstm says:

    @xAcm5pts Ok Thx

  10. TheCPTV says:

    @Al3xxxK he said type it lololololol

  11. xAcm5pts says:

    @dexterstm save it to system32

  12. dexterstm says:

    Hey where should i save it to? when i press save it ask me to save to somewhere then i make a file n save it there but when i go back to system.ini its the same no changes

  13. myluv1100 says:

    @xAcm5pts okay thanks~

  14. xAcm5pts says:

    @myluv1100 you can see first part on my channel its one of the first links

  15. myluv1100 says:

    thanks~~ but do i need to follow up with the part one? where do i get it? can you send me the link? thanks man~ Cheers!! 😀 will this really work?? i hope it does..if not…it will be a big problem…

  16. theangusbugg says:

    Made mine slower. Thanks!

  17. 9988Harsh says:

    It Works on my pc

  18. xAnnndyHDx says:

    cpu is the computer process unit

  19. Nid1Dragster says:

    i dont have a laptop like you

  20. mmmkeklol says:

    what does the timeout do?

  21. mmmkeklol says:

    is a processor the same as cpu

  22. xAcm5pts says:

    @GameHackerX0517 nice

  23. GameHackerX0517 says:

    @xAcm5pts thx, I subscribed

  24. xAcm5pts says:

    @GameHackerX0517 hehehe, no worries everything has a fix. you have to do this.
    C/ windows. drag it and drop it in windows which you can find at local disk c hope this helped if it did subscribe

  25. GameHackerX0517 says:

    I acidentally moved system.ini to desktop, how do I chage it back, where does it go?

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