How to install memory in a Power Mac G5

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This video demonstrated how to install memory in a Power Mac G5. Note: You need to used “matched pairs” of memory modules in a Power Mac G5. See Mac Sales fo…

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16 Responses to “How to install memory in a Power Mac G5”

  1. Suchacomotion says:

    I am thuroughly confused. My g5 has only one fan unit, and I can’t figure
    out how to remove them. HELP ME!!!

  2. Chien Saunders says:

    Have one and need to archive…

  3. tipoomaster says:

    @ErkTheBoss707 Just put the matching pairs in adjacent (horizontally) slots

  4. 501th says:

    so want if you have g5 wif 4 12 core cpu

  5. Lee Bentley says:

    Thought the Poermac G5 only supported 3GB max?

  6. antreascurren says:

    hi mike great video! if you boot without a video cart do you get a chime?

  7. kingkiller180 says:

    What if I have a 3gb ram and a 1gb ram would it still work if I put them in
    plz reply thx

  8. lluis segura says:

    thank you

  9. Lee Bentley says:

    Yeah found it recently. Ive got the 1.6 Ghz, which supports 4GB max, so
    thats what its running :).

  10. BLAGASPANTS says:

    @joseisamacgeek You idiot.

  11. kevin71127 says:

    My G5 only has 4 slots for RAM. how can I increase this?

  12. nickostolgic says:

    do you think a quad would be worth running, for 3d rendering?

  13. GoodTofuFriday says:

    you cant

  14. nickostolgic says:

    8 – dual 16 – quad

  15. OneSevenFifty says:

    @joseisamacgeek Do you know what a computer even does… you’r so stupid.

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