how to learn / memorize the periodic table of elements (not with a song, but with a story!)

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here’s how i learned to memorize the periodic table with a selfmade “story”. i hope it helps some of you students and other interested folks. =)
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24 Responses to “how to learn / memorize the periodic table of elements (not with a song, but with a story!)”

  1. brokenswmr says:

    @NsFPeAcE I have. I just cant contain an entire story in my head and solve a rubik’s cube at the same time. It’s difficult for me

  2. NsFPeAcE says:

    @brokenswmr have you seen Badmephisto’s tutorial on old pochmann method?

  3. brokenswmr says:

    @NsFPeAcE I can’t solve a cube blind to save my life. I’ve tried the story thing, but even that’s tricky!

  4. Wuttenberg86 says:


  5. NsFPeAcE says:

    This is actually how people solve Rubik’s cubes blindfolded. They give each peace and colour a letter, then they make a story. And the more ridiculous the story is, the easier it is to remember! 🙂 You can also memorize digits of PI, but I’m not exactly sure about how they do that…

  6. wweking1234567 says:


  7. remtheoneilo says:

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  8. sharyu5 says:

    u r voice make me sleep!! zz…

  9. Bb4lyfx0x says:

    This wouldn’t really work too well if you had to write them in order…..

  10. jayjoetube14 says:

    I thoughrt you will include all the numbers.

  11. kwelldoggdude22 says:

    LOL the other ways were weird?!?!?

  12. xFallenZ38X says:

    I just need to know the first 20. My teacher said that is all you will need to know at my school. I don’t understand why we only need to the know 20, why not all, or none at all?

  13. NerdBryant64 says:

    i need a way to remeber them in groups of 10 in order buy element and symbol.

  14. DrGunnar95 says:

    haha was kind of wierd so true xd…

  15. PeterRoeder31 says:


  16. Aesop2011 says:

    @michalchik Hi. Memorizing periodic table is pretty stupid idea, I agree. But… As chemistry student and later teacher of chemistry I found it is very practical to know from where certain element come. If you want to explain chemistry bound, you must know how many electrons are on external orbitals and if you have memorized elements of main groups of periodic table, you can understand what is going on in chemistry bond, much easier and faster. So it is not totally useless. Cheers!

  17. SuaaLee says:

    it waass great:) But I think it’s harder to memorize all the story.. ;P

  18. iqrasaeed93 says:

    I’m studying chemistry at uni & I’m allowed to use a periodic table!!!!!

  19. MJLuv3r says:

    @heartbandit LMFAO

  20. huntdoggsslayer1295 says:

    thumbs up if you shared thease with ur freinds

  21. MHlovesorigami1 says:

    @michalchik my lame ass class

  22. xndc44 says:

    thumbs up if you used this video and got in trouble in class

  23. iqbalsafi143 says:

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  24. heartbandit99 says:

    Oops too late 🙂

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