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How to Memorize Anything – Live Demo | Memory Training Memory Channel: Mind Empowering Site: to hel…
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25 Responses to “How to Memorize Anything | Memory Training”

  1. Mike4RealzTV says:

    thing is, how would i really know the color differences because, i’m a cat

  2. aemind says:

    When you have learned something, you have taken the information from
    thinking about it to knowing it.. such as 4 x 4 = …. see you didn’t have
    to think about it, you immediately say that it equals 16.. At one point,
    you had to spend some time with memorizing the times tables… The key here
    is to Memorize Faster so that You can quickly review/repeat the
    information, and then it is converted into Learned Knowledge.. The Mother
    of All Skill is Spaced Repetition!

  3. Luis Angel says:

    How To Memorize Anything

  4. Badass Biker says:

    +T Marginau You said it worked for you, but did you try it in advanced

    This system is some kind of a memory castle where you put info into each
    room or in this case, things. But my problem is that I have too many things
    to remember.

    So when I use the same rooms again, things get jumbled up.

  5. Badass Biker says:

    He should’ve just asked the Asian girl to explain how she memorizes stuff.

    East Asians are obsessed with memorizing. Its so important in their
    Confucian-style of education.

  6. TBONNoN172 says:


  7. Randimal762 says:

    What if you’re not trying to memorize objects, but trying to memorize tasks
    for work, such as what and where to document information, who needs to be
    contacted, where to find their contact information, and in what order to do
    everything in. I’m a new RN and the pace and amount of information I’m
    trying to cram into my little head is overwhelming..

  8. lindatinamorales says:


  9. Wanderson Andrade-de-jesus says:

    hheheheh lol

  10. Leanne Rudd says:

    really help others, but my memory is photo graphic already

  11. SchmidtBo87 says:

    I’m not sure how to apply this to my musical training. Scales for example.
    C Major is: C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C… F Major is: F,G,A,Bb,C,D,E,F… Bb Major is:
    Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb… the order of the letters is always the same
    (just another starting point), and the amount of flats (b) or sharps (#) is
    also logical since they always increase or decrease in their amount, the
    the position WHERE these are, is not logical! So how can I use the system
    to memorize WHERE the flats or sharps are coming?

  12. LFOVCF says:

    I’d take one look at Gaynor, and forget my own name, but remember hers

  13. StrawHatAssassin1719 says:

    Just read Joshua Foer’s book Moonwalking with Einstein. First thing I did
    was type this in on YT. This came up, and sure enough it works!

  14. pianobooks42 says:

    What should I do about vocab words that are like adjectives or for a
    language class and I need to remember both the word and translation? Is
    there a way to use this method for that?

  15. Blessed2BeeAlive says:

    Beautiful assistant, I bet you do not forget her too easily.

  16. John Smith says:


  17. TheRealVictorThai says:

    you are talking way too fast for someone who barley speaks english lol

  18. Emerson Ready says:

    Great video. Good advice I will follow. Can never have enough memory skills.

  19. Gabriel McLaughlin says:

    I find it easier to just NOT forget. Doing all of this stuff just runs more
    information through your head. Either way your using a television and
    stereo , what about your brain imagine that capable of holding billions of
    thoughts,oh…don’t have to imagine anything “HOW TO MEMORIZE ANYTHING”
    Remember 🙂

  20. Agent Sushi says:


  21. Edd443 says:

    Hey this works!

  22. A Mahe says:

    This is inaccurate.. that girl is asian. lol.

  23. Rakitha Daham says:

    Hmmm you took stuff but i need to study the things in a book so how could i
    study then.specially history

  24. T Marginau says:

    lol Worked for me…CRAZY!! Of course it will take much practice to be able
    to apply this to other things, but hopefully this will help me with
    learning foreign languageS(my most difficult challenge since….forever)

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