How To Memorize Facts and Figures

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Check out this cool app and learn guitar – Follow these tips and learn how to memorize facts and figures.
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25 Responses to “How To Memorize Facts and Figures”

  1. Ojalalluevapronto says:

    with this method u can only memorize 10 pages in a week or few, if you do nothing all day -.-

  2. Zerodud says:

    anyone kno were is how to spit video?

  3. zomgmadii says:

    1:25 is the most awkward camera angle ever. D:

  4. BeatRider44 says:


  5. SilentOne46 says:

    Way to go, when I study I THROW THE FUCKING MATERIAL TOO

  6. acebrennan says:

    Thumbs up if you smiled when he said we get to take hour long breaks.

  7. BlackDollarBills says:


  8. ThoseDirtyHousewives says:

    You look like a guy we know. Well, Great video!

  9. yusrafication says:

    crotch shotttttt! :/

  10. 0ashash0 says:

    @lastnamefang I was thinking the same thing…lol

  11. krishanakj says:

    wait what am i watching again look at tital oh yeaaa

  12. odstcheif says:

    why the hell would there be a study done on what faces old lady elephants can remember

  13. batscoo says:

    This Video really makes me up set because this mean`s that my mother was right all along and I was wrong. I hope she nevers sees this video

  14. someperson319 says:

    step 1. study hard
    step 2. take a tv break
    step 3. get carried away
    step 4. forget everything you just studied

  15. 0Blue0Sparkle says:

    light each person individually…I love howcast. Their facts are always so amusing too ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Beroxon says:

    what if my test is tommorow ……

  17. l0lliepop says:


  18. lastnamefang says:

    what’s with that camera angle when he’s watching tv?

  19. ChoChoquota says:

    he’s kind of cute…all he needs to memorize is my body! Oo…jk jk

  20. kko0219 says:

    This tech will get me more weight than memorizing.

  21. firefoxgurl0 says:

    0:20 I have that water fall!!!!!ยก

  22. LionEatingMan says:

    Light each person individually? Is he practicing to be an arson?

  23. mrmjordan says:

    @mienchen07 you too..

  24. mienchen07 says:

    @mrmjordan hehe well then, good luck for your’s!

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