How to memorize fast and easily! | How to increase memory power! 1/2

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18 Responses to “How to memorize fast and easily! | How to increase memory power! 1/2”

  1. Anne davila says:

    To use mind power we need to implement stronger and more complex exercise than common humans use. We only use such a small % of brain because we only do minimal activities with mind and 90 percent of the exercise we do is with body movement. It would be easier to accomplish things with mind than body.

  2. donner lucky says:

    i think he can got the image from eyes of other person because he look in his eye and tell all the think what is in that image

  3. T'Erica Williams says:


  4. babyoilnhand says:

    so are you saying to use more brain power we need to do weird things we never did to stimulate parts of the body we never knew

  5. jnthnbatista says:

    that facts means that we use 2% of out brains POTENTIAL….. not really 2 % of our brain structure. There are parts of our brain that stimulate mechanical responses and others that stimulate us climaxing (for ex)… lets try to use a bit of common sense here

  6. Travis says:

    If this dude was using 98% of his brain, he would look like he’s having a seizure. It’s impossible to increase how much of your brain you use. Each part of the brain is specialized for different tasks. For example, a certain part of our brain becomes active when we move our arms, a different part when we laugh, a different part when we cry, a different part when we talk, laugh, blink, etc.

  7. xJawz says:

    she was focusing on a circle on the cup

  8. Nelson Araujo says:

    She has memory problems.

  9. GoryaGFX says:

    Saw a cute girl today while taking my exit exam and she left before I could ask for her number, I heard her say her name once but can’t remember it for the life of me. If I can remember what she said I could check her number on Facebook.

  10. jdphd says:

    You are fine but you speak too fast!!! Puri, are you also clairaudient???

  11. sammy meran says:

    jasveen your sexy.

  12. GoodTheMan says:

    Hey Brother ! Do you have any book recommendation ?

  13. zelldot says:

    Wonders where this fact came from originally, we use 100% of our brain, just not all at once, that world be mentally crazy to use 100% of out brain all the time, that would be like experiencing every memory in your life, every possible thought about the present, and I am sure the bit that controls the heart in the brain would cause you to have a heart attack, not thinking about all the other bits that brain controls, it would look like someone having a epileptic fit if all the brain was to fire.

  14. miles heard says:

    when he said we only use 2% of our brain it was false. If we did’nt use the rest of our brain then our millions of years of evolution would be pointless.

  15. ilovetoeatrice says:

    he whispered in her ear before the show, “just tell everyone its a circle, and ill sleep with you”

    naw just jokin lol.. i dont know how he did it

  16. TheTruthisHair says:

    Jasveen, what was it exactly that made her think that last shape was a circle?

  17. HopefuII says:

    I believe my boyfriend is obsessed w/ you.

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