How to Memorize Lines as an Actor

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My blog: Site: Here’s a little trick i picked up along the way that helps me memorize my lines while on the go. Great for musicians, singers, and pretty much anyone in the arts!
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25 Responses to “How to Memorize Lines as an Actor”


    Very cool, thanks for the input. Just wondered if you do it walking around NYC, which would explain why so many folks in Manhattan (my home town) look like they are crazy. 🙂

    Nice reel btw. Can I get a plug for an agent? (David J. Garfield)… 🙂 Take care!

  2. SuperDuale says:

    Hey I need some help with my new york accent and literally learning lines for my performance
    would it be okay if you could skype me and video talk to me through and help me out with the lines and accent. Thank you
    skype name is ‘Superduale’

  3. brandhyze says:

    Even though the other riders may think I’m a little strange, I do say them low to myself on the train….or if I just need to hear them as I am traveling to the audition I say them in my head. I practice them full on at home. Hope this helps MINDPOINTSOFTWARE


    Brandhyze: What do you do on the subway? Lip your lines lowly? Where do you practice the delivery out and about, on a long walk etc?

  5. shanapeete says:

    @knextoys123 I find that most digi cams have a setting for audio recording these days. I use that.

  6. RamBowMike says:

    Your in a dang nab bathroom for petes sake. Why would anyone listen to you? LOL

  7. CANDYMIX07 says:

    i do all plays at my school and my method is to practice the entire conversation while bouncing a ball or tossing a ball with the other person who is in the conversation too 🙂 it helps alot. however, i shall try this new method of yours, it may come in handy <3 so thank you for your help 🙂

  8. kgerdes20 says:

    I just used the recorder on my iPhone however, the audition went really well. I didn’t get it but it went well. I actually have booked a commercial with since them. Its on they youtube channel now. Is all going well with you?

  9. Scrabbler27 says:

    I have the tallent of remembering peoples Birthdays, dates and peoples induction days. I don’t need to learn them.

  10. brandhyze says:

    it is….but I feel that helps you to hear what other people hear when you speak….and you can listen to it while you’re in transit…..I definitely love using it

  11. brandhyze says:

    @Shaun3x I know….everyone gives me a hard time for that slip up….as an actor they teach you to just keep going….but I so should have corrected myself 🙂 LOL too funny

  12. brandhyze says:

    did you wind up getting the recorder? How did the audition go?

  13. brandhyze says:

    yea….that definitely works too….just pray your scene partner doesn’t forget their lines….or somebody better do something. LOL

  14. brandhyze says:

    no, it was a tiny bathroom, up against the wall….it had the best light in the whole apartment. :) LOL

  15. brandhyze says:

    you are soooo welcome. thanks for watching

  16. brandhyze says:

    there are! Anything to get the job done 🙂 LOL. Have any specific questions?

  17. brandhyze says:

    @knextoys123 Hey there…..would you happen to have a voice recorder on your phone….like say the iPhone? Or, try googling online voice recorders and there are a few on there to choose from that should be able to do the trick. Or….if you have a Mac, you can maybe use Garage Band. Hope this helps. Best of luck!

  18. cooperrec says:

    i am not an actor, nor do i shop at ‘radio sack’ (jk, lol!) but i have always wondered how in the world our favourite actors/actresses memorize very lengthy lines in film, the kind that are not spliced in editing either. They speak so fluidly, like they are improvizing their words (I’m referring to skilled actors/ess). I can barely recount my outgoing voice-mail line! Thanks for sharing an inside tip that I’m sure is used by those in the acting world. There must be other techniques too btw. ?

  19. etelehs says:


  20. Sweetassour says:

    i’m such a perv

  21. ninja12194 says:

    She is in a white area so people can concentration on her don’t u get it?

  22. browneyedgirl701 says:

    are you in the shower?

  23. thecount says:

    great advise!  <3

  24. LandingCraft1969 says:

    I’ve used same method for over a decade. I concentrate on others lines first in order to recall my own.

  25. kgerdes20 says:

    Never thought about it in this way. I’m going to try this out today for my Best Buy audition tomorrow!

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