How to Memorize Things Quickly

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How to Memorize Things Quickly

Article by Timothy I Ng

As humans age in time, so does the human mind. With aging, comes the slowing down of progress. Hence, memory tends to decrease in performance. So, how do you continue to memorize efficiently?

There are plenty of ways to improves one’s memory. Although some may have acquired it from their own discovered and preferred strategy, the following are some tips that everyone can apply. The following are effective ways on how to memorize things quickly:

“Trigger-Happy”By definition, this term refers to acting rashly or irresponsibly. But here, this term will be used in a different connotation. When memorizing something, it is best to associate it with an unforgettable experience you may have had in the past, or it could be with a person, a place, or a thing that has a big impact or significance in your life. It can even be a song that has somewhat a relevance to the information being memorized. By doing so, it will trigger a strong or happy emotion that can easily create a sense of recall. It is important to consider those memories that brought out a positive emotion, that way, remembering will flow more smoothly.

Write, Recite, and RepeatThis is perhaps one of the most common ways of memorizing. This is the studying method often applied in school. In order for information to stick in the brain, one has to memorize using one’s visual sense, verbal sense, as well as repetition.

Writing the information is the visual part of the memorization. The brain will easily retrieve data using the visual image it has picked up. At the same time, if one reproduces the concepts on paper, it will create one’s preferred way of interpreting things which is easier for recall. Reciting on the other hand, is the verbal part of the memorization. Discussing the information or reciting it out loud can trigger the auditory senses to recall. And last, is to repeat the process. Repeating is a form of routinary action. If something is repeated for a significant amount of time (e.g. driving), it becomes second nature, and reflexes become involuntary.

Rhymes and AcronymsWhen trying to memorize, especially a list of names or categories, it is ideal to highlight important keywords and create acronyms or abbreviations. As with the colors of the rainbow for instance, it is easily recalled because of the name that was formed using the first letters of the colors in order from first to last (ROY G. BIV). Using rhymes on the other hand, can also be a helpful tool in remembering details. Again, by using important keywords, think of a word or a catchphrase that rhymes with it (e.g. Crimson Road is like a Toad).

Improving one’s memory involves consistent application of these tips. It is also important to remember that getting enough sleep, exercise, healthy diet, as well as engaging in games that boosts mental health, will also help you to how to memorize things quickly.

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