How to Minimize Memory Loss Tips

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How to Minimize Memory Loss Tips

Article by Kamau Austin

Age-related memory loss is a common phenomenon, and unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for it. So what can help us? What techniques can we use to help us remember things properly?

Here I present a few things that can help you fight this disorder.

First, try to keep things organized so that when you have to find something it doesn’t require any memory at all. It’s a good idea to catalogue certain important things too. But make sure you can remember where you keep the catalogue or you will be in even bigger trouble.

Apart from trying to keep track of where you put your things, you might also want to try yoga. Yoga helps stimulate the brain and nervous system and gives your body a boost. It helps you think rationally and calmly and gives you peace of mind. Yoga also improves your concentration.

These are a couple of yogic practices to improve memory:

– (1) Dharana: The mind is made to focus on any one object to stop the flow of thoughts. By calming the flow of thoughts, you can improve your concentration.

– (2) Dyana: The overactive mind is calmed and turned inwards. The basic technique is same as that of dharana; the difference is that the point of focus is not an object but is within us. This is a step ahead of dharana.

You can also benefit by trying some other techniques:

~ (1) Let your senses work for you. For example, take a shower with a blindfold. This will stimulate your senses and help you remember details. ~ (2) Try to be more attentive. For example, when listening to music, just listen to the sound of a single instrument. Distinguish it from the others. This can be a great way to enhance your senses.

~ (3) Don’t follow your daily routine. Practice something different. Make a new schedule and practice that for a few days.

All these activities will help improve your memory. This improvement will happen as a result of the work you do in these activities.

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