How to solve A Rubik’s Cube – No Memorization Part 1

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Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube with no memorization. In this video I explain how to rotate any three pieces of the cube while keeping the rest of the Rubi…
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21 Responses to “How to solve A Rubik’s Cube – No Memorization Part 1”

  1. Josip Muzic says:

    it does mean u need memorization

  2. Mike Smile says:

    Great! And I recommend this micro-course “How to solve a Rubik`s Cube”

  3. zoroark pikachu says:

    then why do you still watch this???

  4. nomenusoris1 says:

    1. *You’re
    2. Prove it

  5. Hermione twelve says:

    So the video isent Actually how to solve a rubix cube. :/

  6. billy Graham Grubster says:

    Your so stupid I’ve got my own method that’s a thousand times better

  7. Anatta000 says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve succeeded by following your previous instruction but forgot it after a while. Don’t wanna make this sounds like a complaint but I’m afraid memorization is still required with this new method. Or, did I speak to soon.? Anyway, I still think you’re great. 😀

  8. Timmytimmy123123 says:

    Watch his other videos, he explains how to solve the whole cube, this video is just for tips and tricks, but not the solution. To get 1 side + 1 layer done, you need to put 4 white edge pieces on the yellow side, allign them with the center, do F2, and after you’ve done that with all the edge pieced, move on to the corners, you need to do D’ L D L’ if the corner piece is to the left, and D R’ D’ R if the corner piece is to the right. Repeat this untill you have the first side+first layer.

  9. Derpcat2 says:

    I can barely solve one side. WTF why am I so stupid?! D:

  10. Todd Oetken says:


  11. Robyn Christina Von Lee says:

    I <3 algorithms

  12. EpicCuberGuy .P says:

    Im not saying that this is a bad way of solving it i think its just titled wrong cuz THERE IS MEMORIZATION but i still think ur a very good teacher and i think this is a nice efficient method just that there is memorization

  13. EpicCuberGuy .P says:

    These are specific algorithms im still going to have to memorize x

  14. Aaron Zimmerman says:


  15. WU Enchen says:

    thank u maths meeting,u teached me how to solve it.

  16. Myriam Barrero says:


  17. xXSSDXx says:

    can do it with no memorization! look up “how to solve a rubix cube” on youtube. BOOM! ur done

  18. Joshua Heerman says:

    About how fast can you solve a rubies cube? (3×3)

  19. MathMeeting says:

    I am not trying to teach a specific algorithm…I am trying to teach an idea that can be used to rotate any three pieces without memorizing a specific algorithm.

  20. GeorgeDoesMC says:

    Why dont u do T R T’ L’ T R’ T’ L

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