How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube (No Memorization) – Part 1/4

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) Part 1 of 4 – I know, I know, my old Rubik’s Cube video sucked, but I’ve learned much since then. Hopefully, you will find these…
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25 Responses to “How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube (No Memorization) – Part 1/4”

  1. Weve Diaz says:

    Rubik cube colors numbers block.

  2. Weve Diaz says:

    Number block

  3. Blow Megirl says:

    Pro tip: Pull stickers off and replace them. BAM !

  4. nuclearmass says:

    Your observation is incorrect. For example, if turning a white, completed
    bottom would not destroy what you’ve already accomplished, then explain to
    me how blue matches a color other than blue, or red matches a color other
    than itself, or orange, or green, etc.?

  5. ramona hurley says:

    Hey everyone just go to part 2 and forget this video

  6. emannyc2002 says:

    WHY ARE YOU TALKING SO MUCH !! just get to the solving already. jeez!

  7. MathyPure says:

    lol i broke this game a week ago cause it made me so mad

  8. Jahaziel Nava says:

    Holy shit now you tell me go to part 2 .. you could save us 5 minutes of
    our lives if you start the fucking video in part 2 ..

  9. Jahaziel Nava says:

    You talk to much .. we dont give a fuck .. we know all the crap you saying
    .. start with the solving ..

  10. Andre Burger says:


  11. Andre Burger says:

    you could use the algorithm T,R,O,W,T,H,E,R,U,B,I,K,S,C,U,B,E,A,W,A,Y

  12. xristos tsagkas says:

    lier!!!! you used the T method

  13. MrNomSauce says:

    So, now we have the Brocoum Method, along with Fridrich, Petrus and Roux?

  14. ntdonat says:

    so how would it take ten algorithms and no memorization.

  15. zhiweij says:

    Wow,just an intro

  16. MarBenShua says:

    frick it i jjst threw it to the ground

  17. TheDoucheChanel says:

    @leonheart208 thats why im solving it without memorizing alghoritms and
    shit 😀 like ppl solved it at its release 😀

  18. Ruthjaah says:

    he is only talking

  19. Bob Joe says:

    Why does part 1 have more views than part 2?

  20. neubb says:

    Have you tried the wall move,.. you chuck it at the wall and glue it back

  21. DuckNukem123 says:

    if white is the up side, moving the down side won’t destroy it. am I wrong?

  22. ThundaFanz says:

    Im like in a advanced program at school calld SAIL. and its my A.E class,
    so in here we are learin’ how to solve a rubix cube, and i am trying to
    find an easy QUICK way beaucse we are dhoin’ a TIMED challenge soon…Is
    this a quick and easy way?!

  23. Munda says:

    nice cube, whered u get it? mines just a cheap one from a dollar store lol

  24. BritishStrings says:

    @Jupiterx5 If you just hate memorizing, why don’t you try and understand
    how the algorithms work?

  25. Formaldehyde Eyeball says:

    “every move you make destroys what you’ve already accomplished.” FALSE,
    turn the bottom.

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