How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube (No Memorization) – Part 2/4

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25) Part 2 of 4 – I know, I know, my old Rubik’s Cube video sucked, but I’ve learned much since then. Hopefully, you will find these…
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25 Responses to “How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube (No Memorization) – Part 2/4”

  1. Aidan Regan says:

    like if youve been on this over 2 hours…

  2. Farrah97 says:

    I cannot do the 2×2. You went through it too fast and didn’t really explain
    how to to it… help. :[

  3. TheBillyMoon1 says:

    This method is a lot harder but it actually works and is way more fun
    because you have to SOLVE it yourself and not just memorize a bunch of
    algorithms. He’s giving you a strategy but not a step by step guide. If you
    can’t solve using this method then you’re not trying hard enough to figure
    it out for yourself. After all it IS a puzzle. how fun can it be to solve a
    puzzle if someone shows you exactly how? you didn’t really solve it then
    did you?

  4. Josh Elsarboukh says:

    While i recognize that he said this wasn’t for complete noobs because he
    assumes that we know somewhat what we’re doing, I have to point out that
    the main advert of this tutorial was that this is memorization free.
    HOWEVER i recognize specific algorithms that he’s doing, which implies that
    we have memorized specific methods of moving a piece from one point to
    another. Good tutorial, but don’t lie to us. Try honesty.

  5. Kritarth Chauhan says:

    u shuld have said “first go n watch how to solve cube 2*2”

  6. koolman280 says:

    I know which pieces are supposed to go where, what I don’t know is how to
    get them there which is a process that you completely ignored in this
    tutorial. You – “Okay now the red and green piece goes between the red and
    green sides.” Me – “No shit, now how do I get it there.” You – “Now go
    ahead and put it there and we’ll move on.”

  7. thiojoesuks says:

    ur not helping stewdick

  8. MaxxFordham says:

    You need to reshoot this and restate stuff in your audio, because that’s
    not a “2x2x2” minicube (which you couldn’t have), but a 4x4x4.

  9. Mikela C says:

    Thanks for this. I think this tutorial is the best of both worlds. It
    helped me learn a strategy, but I still get to work with it and figure out
    some sequences for myself. 🙂

  10. Stolas Midnight says:

    says ‘Ball Sack’.

  11. Stephanie Lovik says:

    Honestly I would look up some lessons on doing Fridricks method F2L. If you
    can do F2L you can do everything he’s trying to teach only much more
    efficiently and still totally on your own.

  12. BanjoDoje says:

    The problems I’m seeing with these videos is I’m too much of a novice &
    when he flicks an edge here & twists a corner there he’s going so fast I
    have no clue what he did. And at the beginning he said he assumed that you
    could at least solve one layer (I can) and have completed a cube (I
    have-still got a LITTLE bit of memorization to do do w/out cheats but I
    need to memorize for now as my meds mess w/my mind & am trying to fire up
    the neurons again.)Not dissing the method, just saying not 4 noobs

  13. Pololej says:

    I think he’s going at a nice speed. Don’t force the world to slow down to
    your levels. To repeat a section click and drag that circle on the bar that
    appears when you hover over the video. It may take a few attempts to get
    the hang of it but you should get there eventually.

  14. Sim Bing Yang says:

    You sound like bradley cooper

  15. clamchowder138 says:

    For fuck’s sake, people. He’s not showing exactly how to solve it. He’s
    showing you a different method.

  16. DevineRed RainClan says:

    he got the algorithmic version of solving it, except came up with doing the
    first two layers different. its still algorithmic, he’s just trying to make
    you think about it in a less complicated way.

  17. BaII Sack says:

    This was awesome, if you couldnt do it youre retarded

  18. SkaNinja1313 says:

    Theres a difference since he knows how to move pieces where he wants. you
    might as well do it anyway. you still know the algorithms to manipulate the

  19. Nemanja Milosevic says:

    cant get 2X2

  20. gohstdog23 says:

    Niice!!! Thanks

  21. 2006user2006 says:

    usual rubbish. Just showing off and pretending to help people.

  22. Tomas Gromasovas says:

    i wonder why you got those thumbs up on ur comment is it cause hes really
    not helping or u swaped the D and W around 😀 😀

  23. Kritarth Chauhan says:

    After 5:33 my cube combination destroys please help

  24. renxtube says:

    as a complete novice i battle to follow this

  25. Baby Blue says:

    Its easyer just to take poof all the fucking stickers n put them back in
    the right spot Lol

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