How to study – Improve your study memory PART 2

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4 Responses to “How to study – Improve your study memory PART 2”

  1. l3gend2011 says:

    Nice vid

  2. TheMiamiLimelight says:

    Make a shirtless video, name it something like… “How to be an attractive guy?” =D

  3. LopezSuccess says:

    You can also search up Baddeley,1999. or Hermann et al. 2002

    This will help you differentiate measuring brain activity and memory organization and retention!

    Have a great night 🙂

  4. LopezSuccess says:

    @ThommyAsterChannel Good evening! These are techniques to improve memory retention and assure that they successfully pass on to long term memory. The hierarchy method is a scientifically proven method that yields results.

    Neurofeedback is a way to electronically monitor brain’s activity with the ultimate goal of controlling the central nervous system. You literally have to put sensors on a person’s scalp! People usually use this to treat epilepsy and ADHD.
    Search up Gordon Bower (1969)

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