How Vinpocetine Accelerates Memory Retention

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How Vinpocetine Accelerates Memory Retention

Article by Bryan Reese

The drug ‘Vinpocetine’ falls in the category of ‘Nootropic drugs’. The term ‘nootropic’ is a Greek term. It literally means ‘acting on mind’. The first drug of this type is ‘Piracetam’, invented by ‘UBC laboratories’, located in Belgium. Vinpocetine was developed by their counterparts thereafter. Still, there’s no drug of this type which has been approved by FDA for sale, that too, in the US. However, there’s a lot of impetus provided from drug companies for acquiring that approval. In fact, financial analysts are expecting market of the US for various cognitive enhancers, i.e. smart pills to quickly be in surplus of billion per year.

Vinpocetine is very interesting due to its lack of demonstrable toxicity. They’re amongst the 30 chemicals which have been reported of accelerating memory retention. It goes on to facilitate cerebral metabolism through the improvement of blood flow, i.e. cerebral microcirculation, thereby having stepped up manufacturing of ATP (cellular energy module) via brain cells. Vinpocetine also helps in having increased usage of glucose from brain’s side, along with utilization of oxygen.

Vinpocetine is usually made use of for curing cerebral circulatory mayhems like aphasia, memory problems, motor disorders, apraxia, headache, and dizziness.


Adverse effects are reported to be rare. However, they are inclusive of tachycardia and hypotension. It does not have any drug interactions or toxicity, as stated above. You can completely trust Vinpocetine; as far as safety is concerned.


The dosage consists of 1 or 2 tablets of 5 milligrams everyday.


Note that Vinpocetine isn’t sold in America. People staying over there can get an access to this product by placing order through mail only.


Efficacy and safety of Vinpocetine had been demonstrated in study of the infants experiencing severe damage on the part of brain due to birth trauma. The infants which were treated with the drug called Vinpocetine, were reported of having reduced seizures to a great extent. ‘Vinpocetine group’ also depicted reduction of phenomena of the intracranial hypertension, along with normalization of ‘Psychomotor Development’.

Vinpocetine is nothing but one of the semi-synthetic derivatives of extract of periwinkle plant. It goes on to increase metabolism as well as blood circulation in brain. Vinpocetine had been introduced around 20 years back in the European continent. Originally, it was made use of in clinical practices for having treated cognitive and cerebrovascular disorders. Around 100 studies on the clinical level have found Vinpocetine to have been effective and safe. In fact, studies have revealed Vinpocetine to:

* Improve memory, concentration, and attention significantly

* Help in increasing blood flow in the cerebrum. Owing to such an increase in terms of blood flow towards the brain, Vinpocetine moves ahead with respect to having worked synergistically, along with the other cognitive agents.

* Help in reduction of platelet aggregation at the time of having improved deformation resistance on the part of RBCs, i.e. red blood corpuscles.

As such, Vinpocetine helps a great deal in retention of memory. If it is consumed as per instructions of the physician, you would observe immense changes on the positive front with regards to your memory. In other words, Vinpocetine acts as a tonic for having increased memory. So, get going with Vinpocetine! You would gain a lot through it! Hence, keep up!

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