Human Brain Power, part 1

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How Your Brain Works, Part 1 of 6 – How to enhance your brain. Learn to improve athletic skills, memory, focus, and harness all mental possibilities. Enjoy a happy full powered brain.

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25 Responses to “Human Brain Power, part 1”

  1. imaIslandboi says:

    this is amazing!! thanx wendy!

  2. veracityfilms says:

    I think anyone would like to see the power of the mind in action would be very interested to see my first upload “Witness a miracle” I think it time it will prove to support some of Rupert Sheldrake’s theories. I swear the footage is absolutely genuine and it is one of many examples to come. p.s. I’m not selling anything, and nor will I be.

  3. cosmicordering1 says:

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ You see a world in a grain of sand ❤

  4. berkut2006 says:

    good example with basket.

  5. genhoffice009 says:

    @WendiFriesen I dont usually write comments, but I feel that I should do it now. Yes, I know about the study that was made with basketball players, but it didnt happen like you said it. Players were divided in three groups.:
    #1- only practices
    #2-only visualized
    #-did nothing at all

    After three weeks, in group #2 showed no improvement while groups #1 and #3 showed an equal improvemene

  6. zainethanakhtar says:

    Nice Boobs

  7. thethirdq says:

    I can tell how much time and effort it took to make this video and channel. I hope you like mine and we can chat some time.

  8. Michaelsuarez1005 says:


    Appreciate the way you took a profound & complex subject and presented it with clarity and simplicity.

  9. FlaiteOne says:

    this is modern day magick…

  10. hkistink says:

    hot mature chick

  11. ihatecandy01 says:

    the SECRET she knows…

  12. Poseidon51295 says:

    4 peoples brains didnt even comprehend the complexy and meaning of the first minute of this video!!! Great job! Sorroy, my brain missfired!

  13. Poseidon51295 says:

    62 peoples brains didnt even comprehend the complexy and meaning of the first minute of this video!!! Great job!

  14. SayamPatel356 says:

    Good job

  15. canon4747 says:

    @WendiFriesen tnx for these great videos maam!! .salute from philippines!!!..

  16. hermesnatalia says:

    Wendi, thank you very much for your videos 🙂 I like your explanation

  17. deppressed1 says:

    @WendiFriesen OMG, I absolutely loved when you said ” getting the balls in”, it turned me

  18. deppressed1 says:

    @jigglyfidda125 I bet you one grand her tits taste pretty good.

  19. deppressed1 says:

    @WendiFriesen You are a milf.

  20. thathustler88 says:

    thank you

  21. mohammadable1 says:


    Informative and well presented ….
    I enjoyed and found it helpful.

  22. kachetil says:


  23. cosmicordering1 says:

    Wendi, lovely presentation. Quantum mind power is also said to have the ability to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. The concept is that, by organizing the brainwaves and training the thoughts in the mind, the mind can use its full power to make all your goals and desires possible in your life.

  24. cosmicordering1 says:

    There is tremendous power hidden in your subconscious mind, waiting to be unleashed. Once you are able to awaken that power, you can use it to ensure for yourself a much better life.

  25. o2010o says:

    visualize makes perfect , practice make unperfect @@

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