Improve Memory – Games That Help

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Improve Memory – Games That Help

Article by Brian Teaser

Improve Memory Games have become increasibgly popular as new science tells us to exercise our brain just like we exercise muscles around the body on a visit to the gym. The release of Nintendo Brain Games and the like has also sparked a massive interest in this form of mental health and fitness.

But what are Improve Memory Games and where do you find them?Heres a couple of the best that I researched and great ones to include in your brain regime:

Spatial Memory Tasks – Remembering what type of object went where. Most commonly done with pictures placed in squares of a checker board and then removed after a set time. You have to replace the correct pictures in the correct squares. Processing Speed – You’re given a key 1=a 2=b 3=t. You then get given the numbers in different orders and have to work out the word. What is this word 2-1-3? How long did it take you? Thats processing speed.

Many games that help to improve your memory are designed by Neuroscientists so they are not playful games but exercises to target that cerebral tissue and stimulate the cognitive process.

Heres a couple of interesting facts that verify why more of us should be using Improve Memory Games:

The human brain starts to slow down even as early as 30 Yet it can be 98% efficient at the ripe old age of 90 years! Like muscle is stimulated with exercise so to is the brain. Simple exercises and brain games can speed up and improve even your most basic cognitive abilities at any age. Most effective brain games are developed by leading Neuroscientists around the world.

Make sure you work effectively when looking to improve your memeory with games. Follow a routine, daily if possible and learn some of the methods that not only stimulate the brain but help it to develop along a continuous road of improvement.

Want to Improve Memory? Games are your best chance and a lot of fun too. Far better than eating more Fish AHHHRRGGGHH!

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