Improve your memory derren brown

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A brilliant way to remember a list of 20 things. Source: Derren brown’s book!
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25 Responses to “Improve your memory derren brown”

  1. ajriches93 says:


  2. yeeeeahdroppingteam says:

    Not as good as the stuff in the Mindreading Exposed ebook

  3. stoneddan says:

    I already knew the list 😀 this is from Derren Browns book Tricks of the Mind. I haven’t read the book in about a year and I still remember the whole list and I am very what my name says lol

  4. faisalshahx says:

    got all 20 but after using my own visualisation. i found the suggested one hard to follow.

  5. bander87 says:

    Now do them backwards starting with walnut

  6. BBFMMA says:

    sure it helps your memory, every time you imagine something and enhance your images you straighten your Neron’s in your brain. The signal becomes stronger making you smarter and more creative at the same time.
    when ever you use your brain to recall something you improve your memory and this forces you to do that.

  7. mmedeuxchevaux says:

    @avatinio now get some sleep.

  8. avatinio says:

    The first time I got 0… (I’ve been awake almost 24h) but with the method I got 18, quite an improvement. Thumbs up!

  9. KiraraInuyashaLovr says:

    Wow, I am totally going to use this method from now on. I got 9 the first time but after trying the method got all 20 C: I’ve never been able to do that before

  10. mimifails says:


    how many cups.

    i need to know.

  11. lizardlenny says:

    Derren brown knows the whole english dictionary by heart in order. hes knows what page every word is on. this must be how he does it.

  12. andymacceltic says:

    Good list learning trick but doesn’t help your memory at all.

  13. mr2000aaa says:

    i dont get it

  14. reginaDexant says:

    I got 9 the first time, 10 because I cheated and read the comments. I am just too impatient to spend this much time memorizing 20 things. Got to go I’m in a hurry, just can’t remember why.

  15. rythmicityoflife says:

    its working well
    first i got 10
    next time i got 15 names
    remembering everything as a picture is a worth idea

  16. TrueDominguez says:

    i rather recall something istantly rather then trying to find what im trying to memorize in order like the alfabet just to find the answer

  17. Atropolis24 says:

    @Gabrielwong In fact sir, you are right. I have listened to the book and this technique is directly from his audio book. For any of you who think this is a fake, then goto a torrent site ie thepiratebay and search for yourselves to have a good e-read.

  18. Gabrielwong says:

    @cbrankley It wasnt made by Derren brown, it is a technique created by someone but he written it in his book called Tricks of the mind

  19. thiswintertime says:

    @cbrankley Derren didn’t make this effect but talk of it in his book. The systems he teaches in his book have been around for centuries.

  20. MrTomkaboy says:

    i got 14, i have all of these things in my kitchen.. exept the monkey, i dont have it yet, but am curious to know how it tastes 🙂
    yap, i used this tecnique,i always do,bcs my emory is crap so thats why i use it all the time.
    i am trying to do that with the numbers, 1= a man, 2= binoculars,3= tree.. ecc..
    and i hope ill make a story in my head, so ill be able to remember long numbers..
    cheers for the video, its great.

  21. ThomasPcz says:


  22. JonahTorn says:

    Memorize pegs for numbers and link the list to the pegs and you can remember each word in order forward, backward and if someone shouts out a number 1-20 you can now what word goes with what number. Word substitution may be necessary for a good image on some lists. Telephone umbers can use the numbers on your phone so you do not get them mixed up with pegs, unless that is confusing. Leanring pegs over laps ways to remember any number.

  23. thiswintertime says:

    @Lattenkiste Because this is literally taken, word for word, out of Derrens book.

  24. F4c2a says:

    I got them all the first time – I just wrote them down on the paper I had prepared the first time around. That’s how a smart guy does it!

    Just kidding.

    Very fun! My own technique is pretty similar, instead of linking images to one another I just had them all in one – this is obviously better if you need to remember a long list of things and can take your time at it.

    Anyone knows any other fun gimmicks? Who knows I might start studying something boring again one day, might come handy. 🙂

  25. Od3ri says:

    @cbrankley I highly doubt that Derren Brown’s the one that has developed this technique. He uses it, and teaches is to the participants in The Heist, all right, but I don’t think he’s developed it himself. Although if I’m wrong and you got proof, correct me please. :D

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