Improve your memory, Peg System

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This is a basic introduction to the peg system. It should enable you to remember lists. You will need a notepad, pen or something to write with if you want to join in. This is a very simple effective and fairly easy process. Please join in, don’t cheat, be honest and you will get the best results.. “There is a typo with the word “Convert”, I have missed the n out a couple of times”.

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5 Responses to “Improve your memory, Peg System”

  1. Racoonturtle says:

    this is the link system

  2. Zullala says:

    The shepherd was being brushed on the planet earth when Superman flew over a star. Madonna sang to him by using her brain which she kept in a cup next to her laptop, which was made out of gold. FUCK YEAH semantic elaboration!

  3. blueacid77 says:

    I got all ten right yeah!!!

  4. rocknrollCollins says:

    someones read darren brwns book:P

  5. jeremyfinch says:

    Great video Bert. Thanks for showing us this…is freaking awesom and cant wait to screw with my friends. -Glad youre mostly sober today.

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