Improve Your Memory Power-SANT SHREE ASARAM JI BAPU.flv

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sant shree asaram ji bapu. so beautiful video don’t miss it.

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8 Responses to “Improve Your Memory Power-SANT SHREE ASARAM JI BAPU.flv”

  1. Diamondmineboy says:

    Place tongue against the roof of the mouth when trying to memorise…
    also… do deep breathing while holding the gyan mudra… etc

  2. Anand R says:

    This man is great! He does not fail to hypnotise me lol.

  3. yalugban says:

    Is anyone can translate it in English?thank you!

  4. PakGamerz says:

    i m from pakistan and i appreciate his job keep it man

  5. Sukuna Suppiah says:

    can someone pls translate this video kindly. much appreciated

  6. kunal7794 says:

    amazing work he’s doin.

  7. indian05061996 says:

    nice 1

  8. Naresh S says:

    it is no so simple, But he is telling do meditation every day, you will
    become great ever seen before.

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